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VP of Dedicated Accounts

As Purpose Brand’s vice president of dedicated accounts, Kathy Quinn brings a razor-sharp mind and strategic lens to challenging and often disruptive projects that help leaders drive their organizations in new directions to achieve pivotal transformation.

With her sharp acumen, keen memory, endless resourcefulness and visionary mindset, Kathy Quinn excels at making connections between people, assets, ideas and options. These qualities make her an incomparable problem solver and business leader—and shape her passion to help organizations identify hidden opportunities, maximize competitive advantages, forge unexpected connections and attain goals and growth in record time.

Kathy has helped many companies shape and execute new business-defining strategies and messaging that enable exponential growth. In the process, she identifies the tools and behaviors leaders need to adopt to be effective agents of change and accelerate their teams’ abilities to deliver those strategies. Her success is due, in part, to her ability to identify insights and ideas that translate into fresh, visionary and extremely practical and actionable tactics. Her unbridled optimism and empathy smooth the processfor clients, leaders and teams.

Purpose Brand deploys Kathy at critical business junctures when companies want to change direction and the way forward is not clear. She plays the role of strategic thought partner, identifying options then translating them into effective actions.

Kathy helped NutraSweet introduce its tabletop sweetener to five global markets in one year, doubling their business through her savvy insights on marketing and production and knowledge of regulatory issues and constraints. For Coca-Cola, she led the reinvigoration of the brand identity to revolutionize its visual relevance across all assets and attain a multimillion-dollar partnership. At Capital One, she embedded the “Customer for Life” vision across the organization, catalyzing major cultural and operational shifts. And with Kathy onboard, fintech behemoth Global Payments increased revenue by 30% and grew its customer base without incurring additional costs through an innovative turnkey marketing program.

With a solid foundation of success in financial services, building and construction, banking, consumer hard goods and food and beverage for businesses, trade associations, non-profits, and the US military, Kathy has a suite of frameworks and tools that achieve results and accelerate growth. She admits to an impatience for results, but her quick wit and positivity enable her to keep things moving forward quickly and stay exciting and agreeable. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, holds an Executive MBA from Lake Forest College and received coach training through Newfield Network. She is also Synectics certified in innovation and facilitation.

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Passionate about

  • Identifying the one thing that makes someone or something special that others have overlooked
  • Reading thrillers compulsively, but perusing their endings first so they don’t scare her too much
  • After playing hockey, running and swimming, gravitating to weightlifting and marathon walks
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