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Diane Primo: Speaking from experience, knowledge and strength

A thought leader in branding, purpose marketing, diversity, equity and inclusion, Diane Primo helps companies build authentic brands and respectful workplaces. As an international keynote speaker, Diane shares her deep understanding of how to activate marketing channels to create human connections.

An established Fortune 500 marketer and an award winning content marketing and public relations entrepreneur, Diane Primo builds brands people love. She shows boardroom and front-line teams the power of purpose to confidently navigate a crowded, chaotic marketplace, and guides senior executives and rising talent in nurturing and controlling their personal brand.

Diane has shared the stage at the G8 UK Deauville Partnership Summit with a prestigious group that included Cherie Blair and Sumaya bint El Hassan, Princess of Jordan. Yet her direct style and barrier-breaking story inspires senior executives, managers as well as first-to-college and first-to-corporate professionals navigating a new culture.

Diane’s interactive sessions follow industry best practices to provide vital tools for executives, corporate and brand marketers, and diversity teams.

A powerful, educational and motivational speaker on these topics:

Personal Brand and Integrated Marketing Communications

Content marketing has put corporate branding within reach of any CEO. However, owned media is a component of a much larger brand platform. As a corporation builds its brand, the executive is an important part of its branding strategy. Learn how the management of your brand builds the corporation’s value and how corporate brand building raises your own credibility and market value, Diane Primo’s proprietary Brandslate™ methodology shows how to design a branding platform and justify its importance internally and externally. Her presentation has earned rave reviews and proved its value to executives, as well as to high-potential, diverse leaders seeking to break the glass ceiling.

  • Defining Your Corporate and Personal Brand
  • Building Strong Brands That Create Opportunity
  • Amplifying a Message Through Integrated Marketing
  • Brand Asset Valuation and ROI
A brand carries you. You have to focus on making it strong and resilient. Then it can be used to create new opportunities. It can carry you into new categories, new industries, even new job positions."
- Diane Primo

Purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility

In today’s increasingly political environment, employees, customers and the community identify more deeply with a company’s purpose. Your reputation and your ability to increase sales depend on this insight, and can no longer be left to chance or to arbitrary decisions. Diane Primo and Purpose Brand have developed an analytical strategic framework for execution. This framework has been researched across generations, ethnicity, gender and political affiliation. Diane’s presentation will leave you understanding both the opportunities and landmines in pursuing this “must execute” purpose strategy.

  • Defining Your Corporate and Brand Purpose
  • Making Purpose Central to Your Enterprise
  • Brand Successes and Failures
  • A Framework for Purpose Positioning
Purpose is high-stakes communication about the why, how and what. It is all heart and big business, but there is an analytical framework to follow to ensure you don’t get heartburn. You have to show you mean it.”
- Diane Primo

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion may be among the most overlooked workforce issues in this decade. Purpose Brand has done extensive research on diversity and inclusion within corporations. Diane Primo, an African American woman, built her career in Fortune 500 companies and has broken many glass ceilings. The combination of the company’s deep research in this area and her own personal research make her a powerful speaker on new methods that should be utilized to break the cycle of underperformance in diversity and inclusion. She has spoken on this topic for both Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Tribune, and on a global stage. Diane’s presentation shares her knowledge about holding and growing market share among increasingly diverse audiences.

  • Navigating cultural roadblocks
  • Establishing an inclusive culture
  • Workforce recruiting and promotion strategies
  • Making diversity a priority
“D&I is a massive workforce issue, soon to become an economic growth issue. Business practices, HR processes and programming will become evidence- based and retooled for success.”
- Diane Primo
Define your brand before you are hungry for It. Don’t lose personal or business opportunities because you have neglected it.”
- Diane Primo

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