Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Purpose PR and Branding Experts

Smart, passionate PR, brand and content marketing experts, our Chicago-based team is all digital, and all communicators. We work on high-stakes purpose communication initiatives, always putting purpose into practice.

Diane Primo


Lisa Skolnik

Partner, SVP, Content Chief

Veronica Yoeu

Partner, SVP, COO, CXO

Christina Coons

Media Relations Officer

Robin Plous

Head of Accounts

Chynna Mela

Chief Engagement Officer

Elisabeth Woodard

VP of Marketing

Kathy Quinn

VP of Dedicated Accounts

John Engle

Chief Brand Strategist

Stephen Rynkiewicz

Head of Content

Deb Dorsey

Director of Public Involvement

Lachlan Thomson

Director of Social Media Marketing

Sherry Lucas

Chief of Staff

Jane Sharma

Account Manager

Beshanda Owusu

Media Relations Manager

Kasey Carlson

Social Media Manager

Allie Kuopus

Media Relations Coordinator

Kimberly Palacios

Media Relations Coordinator

Nancy Reis

Senior Designer

Aisha Chaudhry

Digital Marketing Director

Ethan Talley

Creative Director, Film
We use online communication to amplify key conversations, further engage the community and respond with facts to neutralize rising issues.
- Diane Primo
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