Web Design
and Web Development

We strive to develop and design top-performing B2B and B2C websites that meet our clients’ sales, security and performance expectations.

Our award-winning web developers create high-performance websites that focus on sales conversion and leads. The team collaborates with content strategists to create a solid web design that attracts visitors and keeps them on your site. The goal is to create a top-performing website. Our developers ensure ease of navigation, interactive design and a secure website that is easy to maintain and update.

Web Development

We speak HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL so you don’t have to, and we speak the language of sales, conversion and profit. Purpose Brand has integrated and cross-trained these skill sets on our team to ensure that we produce B2B and B2C websites that meet our clients’ profit, security and performance expectations.

Web Design

A website serves your marketing goals to engage prospects, generate leads and serve customers. It needs a design language that engages your target market and reinforces your brand story. Purpose Brand will discuss what constitutes a qualified lead and your current conversion rate, suggest how your marketing or ecommerce website can raise awareness, solve current issues and provide a better user experience, while at the same time meet the needs of your internal marketing team, contributors and executives.

WordPress Development

Purpose Brand has ongoing work with clients in a number of content management systems–proprietary systems as well as open source systems like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. Most often we recommend WordPress for new websites. Its dominance in ecommerce, marketing and publishing means there are rock-solid plugins available to meet most specialized development needs without extended coding time and expense. Clients are more likely to have some exposure to WordPress on its marketing or technology team, so it’s a content management system that does not demand extensive training or talent recruitment. And there’s a large base of both external web hosting choices and internal IT resources on hand to support secure and reliable WordPress installations.

Marketing Website Design

A marketing website is more than brochureware. Of course it should be the go-to source for information on your goods and services. But website design also can guide readers down the marketing funnel by engaging users to make contact, what we call conversion rate optimization. Purpose Brand’s elegant websites are designed not only to bathe your brand in a warm glow, but also to give users a clear path to contact you for more information.

Ecommerce Web Design

Data analytics provide a clear guide for conversion rate optimization, and they’re essential for ecommerce. Purpose Brand tracks how users navigate your website and where items get stuck in the conversion funnel. We also might recommend A/B testing to determine the optimal design approach.

Key Phrase Research

Search engine marketing has elevated the role of the key phrase in digital content strategy. For example, search Google for “coffee north shore.” The results produced by typing that key phrase are based on Google’s experience with users who enter those words, your need to find a coffee shop on the North Shore, and the skilled execution of content strategy–because that will influence both Google’s search results and your choice of which links to click. Key phrase research employs data analytics, but goes beyond search volume and clickthrough to find and adopt the language that lead to a sale.

Search Engine Optimization

Key phrases are only aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), the process of making your website more competitive in search results. Google’s first page of search results reflects factors from the coding and length of headlines to the time a page takes to load in a browser. It’s a trusted, competitive space in which keyword packing and other SEO tricks are increasingly self-defeating. Purpose Brand strives to tell authentic messages that resonate with readers and register in expressions of interest.

Content Writing

Maybe your product descriptions fall flat, or your sales collateral doesn’t really translate to the web. Purpose Brand can handle that. However, web design and development projects are missing an opportunity if they launch without a program to attract repeated visitors. A content marketing strategy can produce blogs, case studies, white papers and tutorials that generate a steady stream of qualified leads. Your website is where customers and prospects go to the source to learn more about your product or service, and for that reason it must present the best and most dynamic reflection of your brand.

Purpose Brand is really strategic. They are serious businesspeople with real-world marketing experience, which is reflected in their web development and design strategies. I got way more than I paid for—strategies, traffic, leads, conversions, deals and an award-winning website.”
Eddie Armstrong, CEO, Cannabis Capital Group
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