Special Events and Experiential Marketing

We create immersive live experiential events that promote your brand and engage your audience.

Event promotion is your opportunity to showcase your brand, your creativity, your people, your expertise and your products or services. Our job is to create a memorable experience that engages your audience and deepens their connection to your brand. We use strategy and content to market, promote and advertise your special event, conference, awards program, speaking engagement or new product introduction. Your brand starts a long journey when you schedule the day to put your best foot forward.

Strategic Research and Concept Development

Pop-up experiences, immersive events and influencer engagements amplify the impact of a brand. Fans want a closer connection to their enthusiasms, and opportunities to share them with their friends and followers. Purpose Brand identifies key audiences, then develops experiential marketing programs that launch brands into their world and make durable connections.

Creative Design and Content Development

Conference and trade show marketing can form and protect relationships. Their content and marketing strategy starts a conversation that builds trust and establishes you as an industry leader. Our business-building portfolio includes award programs, CEO summits and events with foreign heads of state. We start with your content strategy and the key issues in your industry, collaborate on a theme that captures your clients’ business passions, then design a conference program that will build your brand, drive attendance and deliver memorable experiences.

Event Entertainment, Speaker Development and Contracting

Conferences and special events build team cohesion through inspiration and perspiration. Purpose Brand will, write and design multimedia presentations, coach speakers and panelists, develop Q&A topics, plan the event flow and identify talent to set the tone or drive home the message–then negotiate with vendors and sponsors to make it happen.

Digital Development: Web, Social, Mobile, Interactive

Marketing fills the seats at an event, and doesn’t stop there. We use email blasts, blogs, live video, podcasts, print and social media to extend the conversation to people you want to know, to amplify and solidify relationships, and to sustain your interactions with members, customers or prospects. After-event communications are part of your continuing education efforts and optimize this business-building opportunity

Event Logistics Planning and Execution

A moving experience has many moving parts — venues to book, caterers, caterers to engage, award plaques to engrave, video to produce — and a Plan B for anything that can go wrong, because eventually it will. You’ve been building your go-to-market strategy toward this event, and we devote the same level of care to our logistics plan, and follow through with VIP management and crowd control.

Measurement and ROI Analysis

Business leaders value meetings for the knowledge they acquire and the connections they make, but there are more hard-boiled measures of success, such as future sales from participants. Purpose Brand builds events around measurable goals, and will help gauge your return on investment.

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