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Purpose Campaign Trends: Anchoring Brands in a Fast-Moving World

Published on March 20, 2023

Here are 50 examples of how purpose marketing makes authentic connections.

What trends in purpose-driven marketing will continue through 2023? Purpose Brand’s top 50 list of purpose-driven campaigns of 2022 is packed with outstanding examples of how to utilize purpose marketing properly and genuinely, giving back to the organizations that mean the most to the brand and its audience.

Consumers can see through inauthentic partnerships, which can damage brand equity rather than build it. Purpose-driven marketing campaigns claim more than monetary value; they capture consumers’ hearts. Purpose-driven campaigns in 2023 will tap core brand values to deepen consumer relationships.

Consumers are demanding change, and brands are giving it to them. From showing an inclusive society to advocating for a better world, change is happening before our eyes, and change is a common thread of purpose campaigns. 

With change comes a more expansive view of corporate social responsibility. Purpose campaigns carry more diversity marketing messages as consumer packaged goods brands adopt equity and inclusion objectives. Durable goods manufacturers are raising their stake in environmental, social and governance factors to face the sweeping effects of climate change in their communities–not only environmental impact but also social disruption

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In drawing lessons from 2022 best practices, we expect four purpose-driven campaign themes to show continued strength:

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Representation is important to consumers. They want to see their lives reflected in marketing messages, and look forward to discovering brands that align with their values. It’s this consumer demand that drives brands to bring DEI to the forefront of their marketing strategy.It also drives conversations in what may be considered basic human rights: health equity, tech equity, financial equity, transportation equity, environmental equity, food equity and housing equity.
  2. Women’s Empowerment: “Woman” was the dictionary.com Word of the Year in 2022.  Many worldwide events centered around women, both positive and negative. We saw brands making a significant impact while supporting women’s well-being and improving relationships across various industries. Nearly a half-century after the International Women’s Year, gender issues continue to draw power. 
  3. LGBTQ+ Pride: It’s not unusual to see rainbow logos during June, but 2022 saw more brands working year-round to be better allies, giving back to and getting involved with organizations that make a difference and support the LGBTQ+ community.
  4. Animal Welfare: “Pets are the new kids.” Consumers love their pets. There’s no denying that. Brands have recognized the importance of and are using their platforms to prioritize animal welfare. These influential campaigns have driven adoptions, cared for wildlife, and even fed hungry animals. 
  5. Civic Engagement: Many 2024 presidential candidates will announce in 2023. Expect brands to help drive nonpartisan civic engagement and voting.
  6. Public Safety: Harm reduction drove Chicago’s mayoral race and may be one of 2023’s rallying cries. The cultural transformation of policing in America, gun violence and the war in Ukraine are driving civic discourse
  7. Environment: This will remain campaign worthy in 2023 and into 2024. As U.S. policy broadens, brands will find more reason to take stands on critical issue. Brands speak to multiple audiences when addressing environmental, social and governance issues. ESG factors can be ill-defined and vulnerable to blowback. Yet the need is greater than ever for marketers to show how their organizations do well by doing good.

Brands will dive deeper into these trends in 2023. Health equity and environmental sustainability have risen in importance and have started many essential conversations in the past year. We predict seeing brands finally taking action in 2023. While supporting these causes, we anticipate seeing brands amplify their messages by increasing their collaborations with diverse individuals and organizations that align with their values.

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50 Best Purpose Campaigns of 2022

Man in wheelchair and woman holding child watching kangaroo on beach.

#1 Celebrity Cruises 

The All-Inclusive Photo Project

Celebrity Cruises is changing the face of travel. Ethnic, disabled, curvy and LGBTQ+ change-makers are underrepresented in travel marketing, and Celebrity Cruises is doing something about it. During a time when so many brands are preaching DE&I, Celebrity takes action by partnering with photographers from around the world, The All-Inclusive Photo Project is starting a movement. These photos are royalty-free and available for anyone to use! Dove launched this campaign by promoting it on social media, partnerships with influencers and press releases on PR Newswire.

Dove InstaGrants graphic with women and wrapped chocolates.

#2 Dove Chocolate

Dove InstaGrants

Finances are often a significant restraint for entrepreneurs. While grants and loans are an option for small business owners, it’s a fact that women receive significantly less funding and financial support than their male counterparts. To support women entrepreneurs, Mars brand Dove Chocolate launched their Dove InstaGrants campaign, in which three winners were selected to receive a $10,000 grant with some additional business promotion. In the first year of this campaign, Dove Chocolate received more than 300 entries and 28 million impressions.

With such success, it’s no surprise they continued this impactful campaign for a second year.Dove launched this campaign by promoting it on social media, partnerships with influencers and press releases on PR Newswire.

Men and women in camouflage gear.

#3 U.S. Vets and Change for Balance 

Make Camo Your Cause

While the number of homeless veterans has dropped in recent years, nearly 33,000 across the country are still without reliable housing. Seeing the number drop has reinforced that making this a priority yields positive results and encourages individuals to get involved. 

U.S. Vets is a nonprofit organization fighting the homeless veterans’ crisis head on. Veterans and their families achieve stability and self-sufficiency by providing housing, counseling, career development and other supportive services. Make Camo Your Cause was launched to help bring awareness of veteran homelessness and serve those who served. 

Make Camo Your Cause was supported in strategic brand partnerships with companies like Fox News and commercials that aired on the network, as well as through social media posts leading up to and on Veteran’s Day to show how their community got involved and wore their camouflage gear in support of the day.

Degree Not Done Yet graphic with a checkmark.

#4 Degree

Not Done Yet

Degree deodorant’s brand mission is to inspire the confidence to break barriers, move beyond individual limits and help young people transform their lives through the power of movement. Its Not Done Yet campaign is true to this brand mission.

The Unilever brand put together a team for the San Francisco Marathon. This team was made up of everyday athletes who experienced challenges preventing them from completing a prior marathon. These athletes powered through setbacks such as a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, in which the runner was told she might never walk again; lost vision; and a lifesaving kidney donation to a stranger. Degree gave them a second chance.

This feel-good campaign was supported with video content on social media, celebrity partnerships, a $50,000 donation for athletic programs for people with disabilities, and a sweepstakes.

The price for this page: Progress.

#5 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 

Pay with Change

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is known as a magazine for him, but the Pay with Change campaign transformed it into a platform for her. For 57 years, the Meredith Corp. magazine’s annual swimsuit feature objectified women in hardly any clothes, but on the 58th anniversary, SI focused on progress for women and transformed its brand.

To advertise in the swimsuit issue, brands had to commit to actions that would create a better world for women. To prove the brand’s commitment to progress over profit, SI intentionally left pages blank to call for more brands to join the movement.

Through social media content, print ads, celebrity partnerships, and PR, Pay with Change started a movement with this transformation.

Father reviews paperwork with frustrated teen daughter.

#6 Understood.org 

Be the Reason

Neurodivergent children think and learn in a different way than neurotypical children. Despite this difference, unfair biases and negative connotations are associated with children with the diagnosis. Often, parents won’t speak up to get their children the necessary support simply because of the stigma that comes with it. Unfortunately, this reluctance prevents the children from thriving.

Understood.org launched the Be the Reason awareness campaign for parents to be advocates for their neurodivergent kids and be the reason they thrive. This campaign was supported by PR and strategic partnerships with family bloggers the Holderness family, which hosted a social media challenge #YouCanBeTheReason. The hashtag received 2.1 million views. The campaign was also supported by short videos of kids with learning differences and many resources available to parents to help them connect with their children and engage with them appropriately. 

Women with variation in skin color.

#7 Vaseline

See My Skin

When it comes to health equity, there is a lot of progress to be made. Vaseline brought awareness that only 6% of image-based search results show skin conditions of people of color, resulting in people of color being less likely to be seen by a dermatologist, leading to 25% higher mortality rates for life-threatening skin conditions like skin cancer.

The Unilever brand launched its own search platform in which people of color can search for their skin condition and see what it looks like on their skin tone. Within the first two weeks after the platform’s launch, more than 6,000 individuals visited the site, and 48% of the users took action to treat their condition.

The success of this campaign was supported by great PR, social media and strategic partnerships with influencers to help spread the word. 

Gray Skittles bag.

#8 Skittles 

Gray Pride 

“Giving up the rainbow to celebrate the one that matters.” – Skittles

For the third year in a row, colorless Skittles hit the shelves supporting Pride month. However, this year they incorporated new, creative packaging designed by LGBTQ artists. Each package included a QR code to let the consumer learn more about the artists.

In addition to supporting these artists, Mars donated $1 to GLAAD for every pack sold. Media outlets helped promote this campaign with earned media from marketing sites such as The Drum. Social media and strategic partnerships also played a big part in the success of this campaign. 

#9 Miller Lite 
Mary Lisle: There’s No Beer Without Women

Miller Lisle beer cans.

Beer is often seen as manly. However, it’s a little-known fact that women are to thank for one of the most popular beers, Miller Lite. America’s first known woman brewer, Mary Lisle, was honored during Miller Lite’s Fourth of July campaign to ensure that the country knows there would be no beer without women.

Miller Lite created limited-edition cans with Mary Lisle’s name replacing Miller Lite. In partnership with Drizly and Instacart, Miller Lite committed to donating $5 from every case purchased through their platforms, up to $250,000, to the Pink Boots Society. This nonprofit organization supports women working in the brewing profession.

In addition to the strategic partnerships, the Molson Coors brand promoted these limited edition cans through a sweepstake and hosted an event in Philadelphia, Mary Lisle’s hometown. 

United States map with project graphics.

#10 Lowe’s 


Lowe’s is giving back to the communities responsible for their growth and success. To say thank you, Lowe’s launched their Hometowns campaign, in which they committed to donating $100 million to community impact projects over the next five years. These projects include revitalizing spaces that serve the communities such as parks, neighborhood housing and community centers.

Social media, PR, and impact partnerships with Points of Light and designer, author and Emmy-nominated host Bobby Berk supported this campaign. 

Row of mural painters.

#11 GAF 
Cool Community Project

Extreme heat is a leading weather-related cause of death in the U.S., and poorer communities are primarily affected. GAF, the country’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer, launched its Cool Community Project.

GAF, along with strategic partners Climate Resolve, the Global Cool Cities Alliance, local community organizations and municipal government partners, kicked off their campaign during the summer to create compelling visuals through a mural, colorful basketball courts, crosswalks and more with pavement-cooling paint. 

This initiative quickly captured media coverage as meteorologists and reporters covering climate change were invited to unveil the murals. After completing the work, GAF conducted tours with the media to showcase the immediate heat reduction of the coatings compared to untreated pavement areas. GAF was positioned as a leader in identifying and implementing solutions for climate challenges.

Deluxe diaper.

#12 Goop 

Luxury Diaper

Goop wanted to bring awareness and start a conversation about the cost of diapers. In 33 states, diapers are taxed as a luxury good. On top of that, diapers are not covered by federal assistance programs.

To draw attention to diapers as an essential product, Goop produced a luxury diaper. This diaper was lined with virgin alpaca wool and fastened with amber gemstones, known for their ancient emotional-cleansing properties, and infused with a scent of jasmine and bergamot. This campaign got its point across by selling for $120 for a pack of 12 disposable diapers.

Goop partnered with Baby2Baby, a nonprofit organization committed to providing diapers and the basic necessities every child deserves and raised vital funds for the organization.

Goop founder Gweneth Paltrow took to social media with a straight-faced video to respond to the negative attention that their “launch” received. Understandably, this PR stunt generated media coverage that helped its cause. 

Underwater sign: Don't drink and boat.

#13 ​​Carlsberg

Last Round

Drinking and boating is a significant safety issue: 6 out of 10 deaths that occur during recreational boating accidents are influenced by alcohol. Carlsberg beer stepped up to take social responsibility and bring awareness to the issue. They did this by opening an underwater bar in Smögen, Sweden to remind them where boaters could end up if they drank at sea. Scuba diving organizations, news media and the general public were all invited to attend the event, where only alcohol-free beer was served. The event was live-streamed on Carlsberg’s social channels.

According to statistics from the Swedish Police Authority, drunk boating accidents decreased by 50% in the summer of 2022.

The Last Round campaign was promoted on Carlsberg’s social channels and attracted media attention with this promotional video. Print ads also supported the success of this campaign. 

Woman in workout gear.

#14 Asics 

Mind Race

Asics took a different approach to this purpose campaign. The typical “exercise is good for you” framing had run its course. Everyone knows activity is good, but that knowledge is not getting people off the couch. Asics set out to change the conversation and show how a workout improves both physical and mental health.

Asics used its Mind Uplifter technology to track the athletes during a week of no activity. After one week, live data mapping visualized the athlete’s mental state; it showed drops in confidence, positivity, stress tolerance and mental energy and an increase in racing thoughts. Following the results, a documentary was produced showing the athletes’ experience during the study. The documentary reached 100 million people.

The campaign was picked up by media outlets and shared across social media. Asics successfully positioned itself as a company that cares about not only physical health but also mental health, and they confidently changed consumers’ perspectives about it too.

#15 Speedo

Swim United

Adults and children pose in pool.

One in 4 of children can’t swim and are at risk of drowning. Speedo recognized this and that minorities and persons from socially disadvantaged backgrounds lack access to swimming facilities.

Swim United was launched to bring awareness to this issue and draw support from the public to start a movement. Through a collection of inspiring stories from the target communities, Speedo asked for help in their demand for better from the government.

Strategic partnerships with Olympic swimmers Adam Peaty and Michael Gunning, Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds, The Black Swimming Association, Swim England & Active Black Country helped to amplify the message. Promotional video content was shared across social networks to harness the power of the internet and call for change. The Pentland Group brand created a petition that demands better of the government. To date, the petition has collected 51,000 signatures. 

Kind bar and nuts forming a heart shape.

#16 Kind 

World Kindness Day

Kindness is a core value of Kind snacks, so it only makes sense that they launched a campaign centered around this on World Kindness Day. This campaign inspired random acts of kindness across the country.

The Mars brand partnered with Beast Philanthropy Productions as Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, attempted to complete 10,000 acts of kindness to celebrate the holiday. Despite his best efforts, he fell short but called on his followers to keep up the momentum and complete the rest for him.

The video on Best Philanthropy’s YouTube channel was sponsored by Kind and received more than 5.2M views. The comment section has nearly 12,000 comments about the random acts of kindness that the video inspired.

On top of that, Kind team members volunteered at different organizations nationwide, including Blankets of Hope, Minority Veterans of America, Ronald McDonald House, USO, and more. 

Social media and other strategic partnerships with HarrisTeeter and Instacart supported this campaign. On-site signage surrounded the Kind displays in HarrisTeeter stores, which collected donations to support the cause. 

Training - My anchor and my art.

#17 Gymshark 

Pride in Progress

It’s common to see brands displaying a rainbow logo in June, but we love a true ally, and Gymshark is just that. Gymshark promotes inclusivity throughout the year, not just during Pride month. 

The British sportswear brand’s Pride in Progress campaign set out to end the idea that fitness environments are exclusionary and judgemental. This campaign consisted of videos from the LGBTQ+ community telling their stories and experiences of how fitness is important to them and who they are. 

The series was aimed at younger generations of queer athletes eager to celebrate identity in all facets of their fitness journeys. These videos ran on the brand’s social channels, as well as on the channels of those involved in the making of the videos. 

Tinder election screens.

#18 Tinder 

Election Center

There is nothing more attractive than someone exercising their civic duty to vote. The dating app, Tinder, is doing its part to get young singles more involved in the election by helping them register to vote, request a mail-in ballot, find their local polling station and even offer digestible information on local ballot measures.

In partnership with the democracy database BallotReady, Tinder is going where its audience is: in-app. Once users have voted, they can add an “I voted” sticker to their dating profile to let others know.

This campaign was picked up by media outlets and promoted on social media. 

Campaign billboards.

#19 CPB London 

Imagine Campaign

For International Women’s Day, CPB London launched a campaign to spark conversations, rebrand gender diversity, and remove unconscious biases.

The brand did this by creating impactful posters and coloring books for kids to be sure that we are not passing on these biases to the next generation. Through print ads and social media support, this campaign made waves and started conversations that have needed to happen for quite some time.

CPB London reported that this campaign received 4.7 million impressions, 250,000+ engagements on social media, and 10.28% organic engagement. 

Raise care, deliver joy.

#21 Pampers

Raise Care, Deliver Joy

There is no greater joy than becoming a parent. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Black parents due to our healthcare system’s inequity. Pampers launched their Raise Care, Deliver Joy campaign to bring awareness to this disparity and make a change.

The Procter & Gamble brand partnered with Olympic gold medalist and mother Allyson Felix and the National Birth Equity Collaborative, one of the nation’s leading experts and advocates for change in the Black maternal health crisis. Pampers committed $100,000 to support the expansion of Birth Equity training and educate clinicians and healthcare practitioners to shift towards a culture of antiracist practices.

The strategic partnerships attracted the campaign’s attention, leading to earned media coverage. Pampers committed an additional dollar for every share the campaign video received on social media. 

Three women with drinks.

#22 Drizly

Sip With Purpose

Drizly supports and invests in underrepresented business owners with their Sip With Purpose campaign. The campaign was launched to create awareness of these businesses and educate consumers on where to learn more about them and purchase their products. 

On top of highlighting these companies, the Uber brand committed $4 million to raise awareness and launch Drizly’s Brand Accelerator program. Minority-owned brands were selected to access training, insights, mentorship, relationships, exposure, and more to help drive equity within the beverage alcohol industry.

Earned media and social media supported this campaign.

How is breastfeeding going? with breast crossed out.

#23 Bobbie 

How Is Feeding Going?

Organic infant formula company Bobbie wanted to create a more inclusive conversation around all feeding journeys. Parent shaming is a real thing that parents deal with in person and from online trolls. No one should feel ashamed for how they choose to feed their babies.

Bobbie is starting a movement with its first national campaign and evolving the conversation around parents feeding their babies. This campaign is full of parents telling stories about why they chose formula for their newborn. The brand launched a pledge, asking for signatures to ask new parents, “How is feeding going?” instead of “How is breastfeeding going?” For every pledge they receive, Bobbie will donate a can of their formula to a milk-insecure baby in need.

Bobbie partnered with influencers to promote this campaign on social media, and it picked media coverage to reach an even wider audience.

Fuel Up to Play 60 shoe.

#24 NFL 
My Cause My Cleats

The NFL has been known for giving out outlandish fines to its athletes for wearing anything outside the regular approved uniform. However, to bring awareness and give back to a cause of each athlete’s choice, NFL players had the opportunity to represent an organization with custom-designed cleats during the My Cause My Cleats campaign. 

After wearing these cleats during week 13, players auctioned them off and donated the money to their chosen charities. This campaign successfully promoted the NFL and consciously linked the league to positive social change with support from social media, earned media coverage, and strategic partnerships between the athletes and their chosen organizations. 

Role model Barbie dolls.

#25 Barbie 

International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day seems like a no-brainer for the brand, but Barbie outdid itself with this campaign. The Mattel doll brand took the opportunity to inspire the next generation and reinforce the limitless potential of girls in this world.

To celebrate and inspire, Barbie created 12 one-of-a-kind lookalike dolls in honor of 12 female role models that have accomplished great things, such as Shonda Rhimes, founder of the Shondaland TV production company and Melissa Sariffodeen, CEO and co-founder of Canada Learning Code and Ladies Learning Code. In addition, Barbie partnered with Inspiring Girls International, an organization dedicated to raising the aspirations of young girls worldwide by connecting them with female role models.

During this campaign, Barbie also launched a curated shop from diverse, female-founded brands. For each product within the Collection sold in March, Mattel donated 5% of the proceeds from the sale. It matched the donation to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, the project created in collaboration with Inspiring Young Girls International.

This campaign was picked up by many media outlets and was promoted across social media platforms. The campaign hashtag #YouCanBeAnything, even though it’s not branded, is full of Barbie images across Instagram. 

Lego MRI scanner.

#26 Lego

MRI Scanners

MRIs can be a scary procedure. From the tightly enclosed spaces to the unknown outcomes that follow, it’s hard enough for an adult to feel comfortable, let alone a child. Lego stepped up and donated 600 Lego Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanners to hospitals worldwide to help children cope with the anxiety and fear of MRI scans.

To support these medical equipment models, the Lego Foundation also created training videos showing children at play getting familiar with the MRI procedure.

In addition to being shared across social media, the news of the Lego MRI Scanner was supported by PR. These scanners were not made available to the public for sale. They are only available to radiology departments at a hospital, with an MRI scanning facility for use with children and adolescents.

Eiffel Tower lighted in pink.

#27 Estee Lauder

Breast Cancer Campaign 

It’s common to see pink ribbons during October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, but Estee Lauder has gone above and beyond over the past 30 years in support of putting an end to breast cancer. Evelyn H. Lauder co-created the pink ribbon back in 1992 when launching the campaign.

Estee Lauder used a variety of media to spread awareness during this campaign. From social media to create awareness and increase fundraising for medical fellowships, medical resources, treatment centers, and access to mammograms for underserved populations to illuminating buildings and landmarks around the world in glowing pink lights, this campaign has been committed to the cause for 30 years. PR, digital and print ads, and limited edition pink ribbon products also supported the success of this campaign. 

Burritos for Teachers display ad.

#28 Chipotle

Burritos for Teachers

As teachers headed into the new school year, Chipotle was ready to honor those making an impact. Through a social media campaign, Chipotle asked followers to nominate a teacher who has impacted their life. Two thousand teachers were selected to win free burritos for all the teachers at their school.

This contest ran on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It also received media attention which helped increase exposure. 

Extend a Paw display ad.

#29 Mars Petcare

Extend a Paw

Pet shelters across the country face overpopulation and are understaffed. Meanwhile, feeding these animals is a significant expense that they struggle to keep up with. 

For the second year in a row, Mars Petcare, Greater Goods Charity, and Walmart partnered to help end hunger in animal shelters across the country with their Extend a Paw campaign. For every purchase of select Mars Petcare products at Walmart, Mars donated one meal to feed a hungry pet, with a guarantee of at least 1 million meals donated (and a goal of 2.7 million).

This campaign was promoted with in-store signage, digital ads on the Walmart app, PR and social media. 

Neon Pink Pop-Tarts package.

#30 Pop-Tarts 

Frosting Art

Pop-Tarts featured their first-ever Pride box in support of Pride Month. The limited-edition box was created in partnership with NEONxGLAAD, a collection of artists and ingenious creators that use storytelling to increase the visibility of Black LGBTQ+ people.

The Kellogg brand found independent artists to decorate the pastries themselves to illustrate the joy found within the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community. Each week, Pop-Tarts released 450 boxes for sale on their Instagram shop and featured a different LGBTQ+ and BIPOC partner organization.

In addition to bringing awareness to these organizations, each received a $10,000 grant and $2,250 to continue their mission toward fostering inclusive communities. Pop-Tarts also committed $100,000 to GLAAD to continue its work, accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.

This campaign was promoted across Pop-Tarts official social channels, and the partners and select featured organizations. Numerous media outlets also picked up the campaign

Child brushing teeth with finger: This is not how kids should have to brush their teeth.

#32 Crest & Oral-B 

Closing America’s Smile Gap

Poor oral health goes beyond just physical health. Oral health issues can lead to missed opportunities in school and the workplace later in life. It can also cause self-esteem issues. Bringing awareness to the oral health disparities in communities across the country was the objective of the campaign Closing America’s Smile Gap.

Procter & Gamble brands Crest and Oral-B partnered with America’s Toothfairy, Jet Dental, and Feeding America to provide education, dental care access, and oral care products to 2 million people. In addition to these brand partnerships, strategic influencer partnerships supported this campaign, media coverage and social media.  

Fuel Tomorrow image of girl athlete.

#33 Gatorade 

Fuel Tomorrow

Sports and exercise have the power to change lives, especially in youth. However, participation is on the decline. Gatorade launched Fuel Tomorrow as a multiyear campaign to help everyone have equal opportunities and access to sports and realize their potential.

As a part of this campaign, the PepsiCo brand Gatorade plans to provide access to sports facilities, equipment, and transportation, resource community programs that help kids play in a safe and welcoming environment, and train coaches to become champions for equity and inclusion. 

Through strategic partnerships with the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation, Walmart, Athlete Ally, Good Sports, Honest Game Foundation, Laureus USA and the Women’s Sports Foundation, Gatorade will infuse DEI training and educational resources across its programming with athletic trainers, coaches, and registered dietitians.

Promotional videos were shared across TV commercials and social media to spread the word about this campaign. Athletic influencers also shared their content across social media.

Christmas scene with packed Walmart boxes.

#34 Walmart

Spark Good Round Up 

Walmart gave back over the holidays with their Spark Good Round Up campaign, in which consumers could round up their total to the nearest dollar when shopping online or on the Walmart app and then choose which nonprofit organization the change would go to. Walmart committed to matching each gift up to $1 million, so each dollar went a little further.

Walmart incentivized customers and nonprofit organizations to get involved by awarding up to 3,000 nonprofits a $1,000 grant when they received 20 or more Spark Good Round Up donations, for a total contribution of up to $3 million.

Walmart relied on consumers and nonprofit organizations to spread the word on social media. The #SparkGood hashtag is filled with nonprofits asking Walmart shoppers to round up and select their organization when checking out. In addition to UGC, news of the campaign spread through PR on media outlets like Forbes.

Dog on bed with Dunkin' pet toys.

#35 Dunkin’ and Bark 

Dunkin’ Treats

Bark and Dunkin’ partnered to raise money for the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation. The foundation is committed to bringing joy to children battling hunger and illnesses and keeping the frontline workers that care for these children happy and caffeinated. Donations also went to the Dogs For Joy program, which brings full-time service dogs to children’s hospitals.

Bark created Dunkin’-themed dog toys that were available to consumers through a donation to the Joy in Childhood Foundation. 

The brands collaborated with several pet influencers to promote this campaign across social media. Media outlets helped spread the word about the cause. 

Mountain scene with women laughing.

#36 Athleta & Alicia Keys 

Power is Within You

Athleta is committed to women’s well-being. From taking a stand against photoshopping models and using models of all ages and sizes, the sportswear brand’s 2022 campaign Within You aligns well with their brand identity.

In partnership with Alicia Keys, an advocate for women’s empowerment, the Gap brand launched the Athleta x Alicia Keys collection on International Women’s Day. The line gives women the freedom to move, breathe, and feel powerful in their bodies.

Alicia Keys will also play a vital role in Athleta’s Power of She Fund grant program. This program supports women and girls, businesses, and organizations committed to making well-being accessible, specifically in the BIPOC community. She had a hand in choosing the recipients and provided them with mentoring resources and learnings from her well-being journey over her career.

Social media, promotional videos, advertising, and PR supported the success of this campaign. 

The Sustainable Everyday.

#37 Ikea 

The Sustainable Everyday

We could all cut back and live more sustainably within our homes. Ikea had a goal of encouraging their customers to do just this by thinking twice before buying new furniture and extending the life of their furniture.

Ikea launched The Sustainable Everyday campaign to promote a sustainable lifestyle within our homes and encourage behavioral changes that consumers can make to make a change. 

This campaign aligns with the brand, as they’ve committed to being more sustainable. All Ikea deliveries will be made by electric vehicles by 2025, aiming to be 100% powered by renewable energy across the entire Ikea value chain.

Through a sustainable living video series on YouTube that made its way across social platforms and a landing page with educational information and resources on how to become more sustainable, Ikea did a great job of putting this core value at the forefront of their business and creating actionable steps to make a difference. This campaign was also supported by PR, which helped spread the word about the small actions they were asking of their customers to make a difference. 

Raise the Bra display ad.

#38 Dr. Deon Weyers 

Raise the Bra

Dr. Deon Weyers is a plastic surgeon in South Africa. His practice launched the Raise the Bra campaign for his patients who either had breast enlargement or reduction surgery and no longer needed their pre-surgery bras. Instead of these bras going to waste in the back of their drawers, they could donate them to women who could not afford them. The donated bras are then distributed to high school students in underprivileged areas.

This campaign was promoted within Weyers’ practice and on his website. It was launched in 2020 and continues year after year due to its success. In 2022, it picked up attention from news outlets and was promoted across Weyers’ social media and the hospitals that served as drop-off points across the country. 

Woman braiding hair.

#39 Pantene 

#Style With Pride

Pantene is dedicated to making everyone feel included and represented. In partnership with Getty Images, their photographers worldwide, the Dress Code Project, and GLAAD, The Procter & Gamble brand launched its #StyleWithPride campaign to celebrate the unique styles of each individual and create a gallery of authentic representation across all LGBTQ+ spectrums that will be accessible to all.

Pantene asked brands and consumers to share these images. Pantene donated $1 for every photo shared (up to $100,000) to the Dress Code Project. This organization’s mission is to help empower and educate hair stylists and barbers to give people haircuts that help them look how they feel.

The success of this campaign was supported by earned media and strategic partnerships with influencers and models across social media

Oreo pet crate.

#40 Oreo 

Oreo and Friends

During the pandemic, pet adoptions skyrocketed. With so much free time, especially for those living alone, adopting a pet seemed the best option to pass the time and cure loneliness. However, when normal life resumed, those who adopted pets realized they didn’t have the time they once had, and pets returned to the pound.

When Oreo found out that the sixth most popular name for black and white pets was, in fact, Oreo, they decided they couldn’t just sit and stay. Oreo and Friends was launched to drive pet adoptions.

The Mondelez cookie brand partnered with animal shelters to increase adoptions. Promotional videos were shared across social media and TV to drive traffic to bringhomeoreo.com, a website to help owners find their new best friends. Creative packs of Oreos were also created to look like houses for the animals. This eye-catching new look contained a QR code to send consumers directly to the site.

It's a Penalty.

#41 NFL & It’s a Penalty 

Super Bowl 2022

Human trafficking is a real issue that our country faces. It’s a Penalty is an organization that’s mission is to end abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

Significant events like the Super Bowl are prime targets for human traffickers. Leading up to this event, It’s a Penalty wanted to create awareness and educate people on what to look for.

With strategic partnerships with the NFL, Southwest, Airbnb, Uber, Hilton and many others, It’s a Penalty made a significant global impact. Through events, airport signage, digital ads, social media and PR, It’s a Penalty reached 490 million people, and 14 missing children were identified. The hotline saw a 20% increase in reports, and 494 arrests were made in connection with trafficking. 

Row of dogs.

#42 Subaru

Make a Dog’s Day

In honor of National Make a Dog’s Day, Subaru launched its campaign in hopes of helping underdogs get adopted. These underdogs Subaru refers to are the adult dogs in shelters with special needs and usually end up much longer in shelters. Subaru is known for its pet-friendly brand identity.

Subaru uses storytelling to share the experiences of owners of underdogs and how they wouldn’t change a thing. Pet owners are encouraged to share their stories using the hashtag #MakeADogsDay on social media. 

Subaru partnered with many animal shelters across the country to increase awareness and adoptions and ran TV commercials that tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings. In addition to promoting this campaign across social platforms, Subaru also worked with influencers to share their stories on social media

Row of women in wheelchairs.

#44 Aerie

We Are Real

Aerie customers spoke up about wanting to see natural bodies in their marketing, and the lingerie brand listened. Victoria’s Secret set the beauty standard for the undergarments industry for so long. Still, Aerie went against the grain and gave their consumers real, unedited photos of their models and their real bodies.

Aerie partnered with many change-makers to advocate for the brand and the realness that the brand stands for. These actors, athletes, bloggers and models include Kelsea Ballerini, Selma Blair, Danielle Brooks, Charithra Chandran, Alexandra Daddario, Selita Ebanks, Brenna Huckaby, Bridget Malcolm, Hunter McGrady, Aly Raisman, Lauren Scruggs and Saniyya Sidney. In addition to these partnerships, Aerie launched a line of adaptive lingerie created for those with disabilities.

Social media, PR, and giveaways with strategic partnerships supported this campaign. 

Airline workers carrying toy tricycles.

#45 Delta Air Lines

Toys for Tots

Every kid deserves a great Christmas, and Delta does what it can to ensure that happens. In partnership with Toys for Tots, Delta Air Lines raises money all year long to purchase bikes for underprivileged children. The Delta TechOps team assembles these bikes throughout the year and prepares them for the holiday season.

With collection boxes strategically placed throughout airports, Delta collects toys and money throughout the year. Delta employees volunteered their time to help organize toys leading up to the delivery. In 2022, more than 1,400 bikes were donated, and an additional $75,000 was donated, divided among the local Toys for Tots and the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. 

News spread about this campaign via earned media and a charity golf tournament hosted by Delta. 

Row of women race drivers.

#46 Busch Light 

Accelerate Her Program

Despite NASCAR being a rare sport where men and women race together, no women compete at the highest level. Busch Light is committed to creating a change and is giving more resources to female drivers.

The AB InBev brand’s Accelerate Her Program sponsors every female NASCAR driver aged 21 and older. The company is pledging over $10 million over three years to give more resources to female drivers, such as more track time and training.

Media outlets picked up the sponsorships, and news spread across social media as the drivers themselves shared the information about their new sponsors. Paid advertising also supported the success of this campaign.

A cleaner world for wildlife.

#47 Dawn 

Wildlife Heroes

Dawn dish soap has been caring for wildlife and our environment for years. Still, the Procter & Gamble brand furthers its efforts with a long-term partnership with International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center to care for a million birds and marine animals through rescue and rehab efforts, as well as advocate to keep wildlife safe and in the wild.

In addition to being used to care for wildlife, Dawn is committed to educating the public and inspiring them to become wildlife heroes by creating resources and actionable steps they can take in their daily lives. From interactive quizzes, at-home activities like recycling and reducing water and energy use, and opportunities to engage directly with experts at International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center, Dawn’s commitment is inevitably making a difference.

This promotional video ran on TV and social media. The campaign was also picked up through earned media

Woman showing armpit hair.

#48 Bombay Shaving Co.


This campaign clarifies the brand’s commitment to the cause as a company that sells shaving products. Bombay Shaving Co. celebrates the individual’s right to choose whether she keeps or shaves her body hair.

With a powerful video shared across social media, women express how society and cultures believe that women’s hair is beautiful, as long as it’s on her head and not anywhere else on her body. The message is that hair growth is natural, no matter where it grows, and it’s beautiful, is #BreakingTheHairarchy.

This campaign launched on International Women’s Day – a day the company hopes won’t be celebrated for much longer because every day will be women’s day! This campaign made waves with social support, strategic influencer partnerships, and PR

Custom-designed shoe.

#49 Foot Locker 

Autism Acceptance

Most people know someone that is on the autism spectrum. Foot Locker is bringing awareness to this and the unique strengths and challenges that those on the spectrum face daily. It’s not just about awareness but also acceptance.

Foot Locker is committed to the cause. For starters, the Venator Group brand is host to educational sessions for their employees and creating professional opportunities for those on the spectrum.

Foot Locker has strategically partnered with many brands to support their cause. PUMA and Foot Locker partnered to donate $25,000 to NEXT for AUTISM. In addition to this partnership, they’ve partnered with autistic artists to design custom shoes and t-shirts. Spectrum Designs is a non-profit organization that produced the items. Foot Locker also worked with an autistic filmmaker to create a documentary highlighting the inspiration and design process these artists underwent when making these products.

The brand is inclusive and teamed up with GAMUT Management to hire individuals on the spectrum as content creators, photographers, and models and hire them to work in its retail stores.

Along with the many strategic partnerships, this campaign was supported by PR and earned media, as well as social media, and promoted by influencers

Woman at table.

#50 T.J. Maxx

Find Your Maxx

The Maxx Project is an initiative launched by the TJX brand T.J. Maxx in 2017 to support women going through moments of change in their lives. The Maxx Project wants to help women be their most authentic selves through strategic role-model partnerships and educational workshops.

Find Your Maxx is a campaign launched in 2022. As a part of this campaign, one lucky winner would win the mentorship of a lifetime and a $50,000 cash prize to propel them toward their Maxx self.

T.J. Maxx partnered with Yvonne Orji for this campaign. Orji and other content creators and influential partners hosted workshops on Instagram and TikTok Live and promoted this via their social channels. Paid social advertising and  PR also supported the success of this campaign. 

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