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2023 Fortune 500 ESG Reports Build on Solid Marketing Pillars

Published on October 16, 2023

ESG marketing from Fortune 500 companies in 2024 will consider a broader range of local and global stakeholders.

Environmental, social and governance standards are gaining traction across U.S. industries, and the Fortune 500 ESG reports for 2023 reflect the evolving landscape. With the intensifying impacts of climate change, businesses have amplified their commitments to reduce carbon footprints.

The capacious ESG concept covers a range of corporate actions. The impact of ESG is visible in corporate decision-making processes and transparency efforts. In reviewing 2023 ESG reports from Fortune 500 companies, Purpose Brand found several themes likely to extend to 2024 and beyond.

  • Accelerated Climate Action. The rise of net-zero pledges, investment in renewable energy sources and increased focus on carbon capture and storage techniques mark significant strides in corporate climate action.
  • Social Responsibility and Equity. Following global social movements, companies intensified their commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. Fair wage practices, gender parity in leadership roles, and initiatives against racial discrimination have become non-negotiable ESG components.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability. The emphasis on sustainable sourcing surged, with companies taking a deeper dive into their supply chains to ensure ethical and environmentally friendly practices, from raw material extraction to final product delivery.
  • Embrace of the Circular Economy. The systems gaining traction minimize waste and reuse or recycle resources. Companies are adopting more sustainable packaging, product-as-a-service models and waste-to-value initiatives.
  • Water Stewardship. Beyond carbon, water scarcity became a focal point. Organizations implemented water-efficient practices and contributed to initiatives that ensure clean water access in vulnerable regions.
  • Biodiversity and Conservation. As concerns over depleting biodiversity grew, businesses actively supported conservation projects and integrated biodiversity considerations into their operations, particularly in sectors like agriculture, mining, and real estate.
  • Digital Responsibility. Innovation puts stress on cybersecurity, data privacy and ethical AI use. The rise of deepfakes, concerns over surveillance technologies and AI’s role in decision-making make digital ethics an ESG concern.
  • Regenerative Agriculture. In the food and agriculture sectors, the trend moved beyond sustainability to regeneration—practices that restore and rejuvenate the environment, rather than just minimizing harm.
  • Mental Health & Well-being. The conversation around employee well-being extended beyond physical health, leading to investments in supportive infrastructure, flexible working conditions and mental health programs.
  • ESG Investment. The financial sector witnessed a surge in ESG-based funds, representing an estimated one-third of all assets under management. Investors increasingly considered ESG scores, attempting to correlate strong ESG performance with long-term profitability and risk mitigation.18% of North American investors in a Capital Group survey prioritize ESG.
  • Transparency and Reporting. Regulatory changes and stakeholder demand drive enhanced ESG reporting. Integrated annual reports, third-party audits and adherence to global ESG reporting standards became common.

ESG Report Examples from the Fortune 500

Purpose Brand has expanded its ESG marketing and public relations review as companies take different reporting approaches. For 2023, we separately consider marketing that focuses narrowly on climate sustainability, particularly in the energy sector, or broadly on corporate responsibility or impact, the approach of many consumer brands. Another review looks across formats at reporting on diversity, equity and inclusion issues, whether in an ESG or a workforce context.

This survey focuses on the new crop of corporate annual ESG reports, updating our 2022 survey. Corporate boards remain comfortable working within the ESG framework despite the political critique of “woke capitalism.” While companies report on an array of corporate responsibility concerns, evidence is scant that marketers avoid the ESG label. Prudential was one of the few companies that switched its reporting format from ESG to sustainability.

These 168 reports reference ESG in their report titles. Other posts in this Purpose Brand series review sustainability reports from Fortune 500 companies, diversity, equity and inclusion disclosures, and corporate responsibility and impact reports. Organizations with ESG reports are listed in order of revenue, as determined by Fortune, with links to the reports.

2023 ESG Report Examples from Fortune 500 Companies

Cardinal Health ESG report.

Cardinal Health explains greenhouse gas terms in its ESG report.

  1. Cardinal Health.  As a dedicated healthcare solutions provider, Cardinal Health is rooted in its mission to "Serve Those Who Serve Health." Its ESG strategy centers on four key areas: empowering healthier lives, fostering a diverse & inclusive workforce, upholding ethical business practices and advancing environmentally conscious operations.
  2. Cigna. Committed to improving health, well-being and peace of mind, Cigna has integrated its mission into its ESG strategy. The approach is built on four pillars: enhancing health security, building an inclusive workforce, promoting ethical governance and encouraging environmental stewardship.
  3. Valero Energy. With its mission to power the modern world, Valero Energy dedicates its efforts towards a sustainable future. The four pillars of its ESG strategy are promoting energy efficiency, fostering a diverse workforce, ensuring ethical conduct and strengthening community bonds.
  4. Home Depot. As a home improvement retailer, Home Depot is dedicated to building stronger communities. Its ESG strategy includes empowering sustainable home improvement, cultivating an inclusive workforce, upholding responsible business practices, and encouraging community development.
  5. Elevance Health. As a health solutions provider, Elevance Health commits to improving patient care through innovation. Its ESG strategy is built around enhancing patient wellness, empowering a diverse workforce, upholding ethical operations and promoting environmental stewardship.
  6. JPMorgan Chase. As a financial services firm, JPMorgan Chase & Co. is committed to driving economic growth while creating sustainable and inclusive communities. The four pillars of its ESG strategy: promoting financial inclusion, fostering a diverse workforce, upholding business integrity and managing environmental impact.
  7. Kroger. The grocery retailer dedicates itself to "Feeding the Human Spirit." Its ESG strategy emphasizes sustainable sourcing, a diverse and Inclusive workforce, ethical business practices and community engagement. By driving these initiatives, Kroger continues to foster sustainable growth, exemplifying its leadership in the retail sector and commitment to societal well-being.
  8. Centene. The multinational healthcare enterprise is committed to transforming the health of communities one person at a time. Its ESG framework is built around Enhancing Patient Health, Nurturing Workforce Diversity, Upholding Ethical Governance and Encouraging Environmental Stewardship. 
  9. Verizon. As a leading provider of communication and technology services, Verizon Communications aims to "deliver the promise of the digital world." Its ESG strategy focuses on digital inclusion, fostering a diverse workforce, upholding business integrity and advancing environmental sustainability.
  10. Walgreens. As a global leader in retail and wholesale pharmacy, Walgreens Boots Alliance is committed to creating healthier and happier communities. Its ESG strategy centers on enhancing healthcare access, encouraging workforce diversity, upholding ethical conduct, and championing environmental stewardship. Through this integrated approach, Walgreens underscores its commitment to driving health and well-being across the globe.
  11. Fannie Mae. As a leading source of financing for mortgage lenders, Fannie Mae strives to provide affordable housing for families across the U.S. Its ESG strategy, built around Supporting Home Ownership, Fostering an Inclusive Workforce, Upholding Business Integrity, and Promoting Environmental Sustainability, aligns with this commitment.
  12. Comcast. As a media and technology company, Comcast is dedicated to connecting and informing communities. Its ESG approach emphasizes Digital Inclusion, Fostering Workforce Diversity, Ensuring Ethical Governance, and Championing Environmental Sustainability.
  13. Bank of America. The ESG strategy underscores a commitment to inclusivity in financial services, a diverse workforce, ethical integrity and a sustainable blueprint for the planet.
  14. Target. The retailer directs its sights at a future that’s more inclusive and sustainable. Target's ESG mission champions sustainable retail solutions, diversity in every aisle, business ethics at every checkout, and community upliftment.
  15. Dell. The personal computer marketer integrates ESG values at the core of its operations. Dell Technologies focuses on digital inclusivity, a vibrant palette of diverse talent, ethical operations, and environmentally friendly technology solutions.
  16. Citigroup. The banker integrates ESG values in its roadmap to financial innovation. Its ESG presentation champions financial inclusivity, celebrate diverse workforces, uphold business transparency, and advocate for a healthier planet, guided by the values of equity, integrity and sustainability.
  17. Pfizer. In the realm of healthcare and innovation, Pfizer commits to fostering healthier communities. Their ESG strategy underlines patient wellness, a diverse workforce, unwavering business ethics, and a footprint mindful of our planet's well-being.

Albertsons materiality assessment.

Graphics explain Albertsons' materiality assessment rankings.

  1. Johnson & Johnson. The pharma company is dedicated to improving health for humanity. Its ESG strategy embodies patient-centric care, a diverse workforce, business integrity, and environmental health, guided by the vision of a healthy, equitable world.
  2. FedEx. The logistics company commits to connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully. Its 2023 ESG report touches on sustainable delivery solutions, a diverse team of couriers, business integrity and climate-conscious practices. As FedEx continues to shorten global distances, it strives to lengthen its commitment to social and environmental well-being.
  3. State Farm. The insurer’s ESG vision encompasses the building of a resilient and inclusive financial future for all. Their ESG priorities include advocating for financial inclusivity, nurturing diverse talent, upholding the strictest ethical standards and taking active steps towards environmental sustainability.
  4. PepsiCo. The food and beverage producer commits itself to sustainable food production, diversity in = teams, ethical operations, and maintaining an environmentally friendly footprint.
  5. Albertson. An online "Our Impact" section states the grocer's commitment "to running a business that makes meaningful social and environmental progress.” Its ESG strategy focuses on planet, people, community and products.
  6. RTX. The parent of the Raytheon aerospace and defense companies weaves together innovation and responsibility. Its ESG strategy emphasizes sustainable aerospace technologies, fostering an inclusive workforce, maintaining high ethical standards and mitigating environmental impact.
  7. IBM. The tech pioneer’s ESG strategy revolves around creating a smarter, safer and sustainable future. Priorities focus on sustainable tech solutions, diversity and inclusion, unblemished business conduct, and environmental preservation. 

Merck ESG report.

Merck's report presents a framework for its ESG strategy.

  1. Merck. The biopharmaceutical company’s ESG strategy focuses on inventing for life. Commitments revolve around innovative healthcare solutions, fostering diversity and inclusion, maintaining high standards of ethics and a commitment to environmental health.
  2. AbbVie. As a research-driven biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie realizes the importance of its ESG role. Their framework prioritizes innovative medicines, unlocking the potential of diverse talent, and innovating with integrity for long-term patient health and business benefit. As they revolutionize healthcare, they're committed to the principles of environmental, social, and governance sustainability.
  3. Charter Communications. The broadband connectivity company intertwines sustainable technology solutions, fostering a diverse workforce, upholding high ethical standards and minimizing its environmental footprint.
  4. AIG. The insurance organization’s ESG strategy is centered on promoting resilience and sustainability. Their commitment spans sustainable operations, investing in a diverse workforce, maintaining the highest standards of business conduct, and enhancing community resilience.
  5. American Express. The financial services company producess an ESG report within the Corporate Sustainability section of its website. Its ESG strategy prioritizes financial inclusivity, diversity, and environmental stewardship. Their initiatives include providing access to financial resources, cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture, upholding robust business ethics and championing sustainable practices.
  6. Delta Air Lines. The aviation company takes its ESG commitments to the skies. Their strategy focuses on sustainable aviation, a diverse and inclusive workforce, impeccable business conduct and a commitment to climate action.
  7. Performance Food Group. The food service distributor previously published a corporate social responsibility report. Two recent ESG reports, linked online as social responsibility reports, offer a menu of initiatives on sustainable food distribution, fostering diversity, business ethics and environmental health.
  8. PBF Energy. The refiner's ESG strategy fuels a cleaner, sustainable future. Their approach involves sustainable energy production, fostering a diverse workforce, impeccable business conduct, and a focus on environmental preservation. 
  9. Best Buy. The electronics retailer's ESG strategy connects technology with responsibility. Their commitment includes sustainable retail practices, promoting diversity and inclusion, high ethical standards, and a commitment to environmental conservation.
  10. Bristol-Myers Squibb. The global biopharmaceutical company's ESG strategy invests in a healthier and more sustainable future. They are dedicated to innovative healthcare solutions, fostering a diverse workforce, maintaining high ethical standards, and a commitment to environmental health.

Dollar General ESG report.

Access to healthy food is a Dollar General ESG concern.

  1. Capital One Financial. The financial services company prioritizes financial inclusivity and environmental sustainability in its ESG strategy. Initiatives involve providing access to financial resources, fostering a diverse culture, maintaining robust business ethics, and championing sustainable practices. 
  2. Dollar General. The discount retailer's ESG pillars support sustainable retail practices, diversity, business ethics and environmental stewardship. Dollar General expanded fresh produce offerings, achieved a 75% internal promotion rate and commissioned literacy research through its foundation. Its ESG report is linked from its Corporate Social Responsibility web page.
  3. Arrow Electronics. A provider of tech products and services, Arrow Electronics' connects technological advancement with responsibility. Their initiatives include sustainable tech solutions, nurturing a diverse workforce, high ethical standards, and a commitment to environmental conservation. As they guide innovation forward, they guide it towards a sustainable future.
  4. Northrop Grumman. The aerospace and defense technology company pledges to protect the planet as diligently as it protects people. The ESG approach focuses on sustainable defense solutions, nurturing a diverse workforce, maintaining impeccable business ethics, and a commitment to environmental health.
  5. Honeywell International. Technological innovation underpins Honeywell’s aerospace, building, materials and safety products. Honeywell's ESG strategy focuses on Energy Efficiency, Health & Safety, and Sustainable Products & Services. 
  6. Warner Bros. Discovery. In media and entertainment, Warner Bros. Discovery aims to create engaging content responsibly. Its ESG website notes the production of culturally diverse and inclusive narratives, ethical conduct standards across all operations and a commitment to environmental conservation. 
  7. D.R. Horton.The homebuilder incorporates ESG values into core strategies of Quality Construction, Workforce Development and Corporate Responsibility. Its report constructs the foundation for delivering affordable, energy-efficient homes and fostering a culture of integrity and community engagement.
  8. Broadcom. As a global technology manufacturer, Broadcom focuses on connecting people and information through its semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Broadcom's ESG approach is guided by principles of innovation, sustainability and corporate responsibility, prioritizing responsible operations, employee well-being and ethical governance. 
  9. Starbucks. The coffee retailer demonstrates its commitment to ethical sourcing, stewardship and community engagement in its Environmental and Social Impact report. Starbucks aims to cut climate, water, and waste footprints by half by 2030. Collaborating with global organizations, the company is focused on achieving a net-zero economy by 2050. Despite increased greenhouse gas emissions due to business growth, Starbucks is dedicated to innovating and scaling sustainable solutions across its global operations.
  10. Molina Healthcare. The managed healthcare provider surveys its work in patient care, community outreach and workforce diversity, reflecting a comprehensive ESG approach that prioritizes the well-being of members, employees and communities.
  11. Uber Technologies. Uber’s mobile app has disrupted transportation services. Its 2023 ESG report makes a case for the platform’s safety, sustainability and community stewardship. Uber tripled the number of electric vehicles in service, and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) approved near- and long-term emissions-reduction targets. Audio and video recording features are presented as keeping riders and drivers safe, while its advocacy aims “to preserve the flexibility of work."
  12. Netflix.As a global streaming entertainment service, Netflix prioritizes creativity, diversity and social impact. Their ESG initiatives support original content, foster an inclusive workforce and seek to engage responsibly with audiences and communities around the world.
  13. Mondelez International. The snack maker emphasizes responsible consumption, ethical sourcing, and environmental care. By working towards transparent ingredient sourcing, reducing waste, and supporting community initiatives, Mondelez aligns its business practices with a vision for a healthier, more sustainable world.
  14. Paramount. The entertainment company focuses on creativity, dversity and environmental stewardship. With commitments to inclusive storytelling, responsible production and community engagement, Paramount aims to contribute positively to the global community.

Minimalist images break up governance text in the US Bancorp ESG report.

  1. Visa. The payment technology provider emphasizes financial inclusion, ethical governance and environmental ssustainability. Through initiatives like expanding digital access, enhancing security, and reducing carbon footprint, Visa works to connect the world responsibly and efficiently.
  2. United Natural Foods. As a distributor of organic and natural foods, United Natural Foods promotes responsible sourcing, environmental stewardship and nourishing communities. It aims to reduce waste and carbon footprint while engaging with local communities and farmers. The ESG vision is built on the  proposition that natural and organic foods can uplift society for a healthier, more sustainable future.
  3. Paccar. The truck manufacturer holds innovation, environmental responsibility, and ethical conduct at the core of its ESG strategy. With a relentless drive towards integrating fuel-efficient technologies and promoting responsible operations, Paccar is not just advancing the transportation sector but is also steering it towards a sustainable and eco-conscious future.
  4. Lilly. The pharmaceutical company focuses on therapeutic innovations, patient-centric solutions and health advancement. Eli Lilly and Co. capped its insulin price, provided $95 million in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and set new goals for climate, waste and water, including carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030.
  5. Penske Automotive Group. The transportation services company prioritizes sustainable transportation, ethical business practices and community engagement. It aims to break away from the pack in its drive to promote women and veterans and to support electric vehicle sales and service.
  6. PayPal Holdings. By democratizing financial access and championing eco-friendly operations, the payments platform advances a sustainable digital financial future. PayPal’s report underscores financial inclusion, ethical digital practices and environmental responsibility. 
  7. U.S. Bancorp. The financial services company champions ethical banking, financial literacy and environmental initiatives such as investing $50 billion in environmentally beneficial business opportunities by 2030. 
  8. Gilead Sciences. The biopharmaceutical company promotes its patient-centric solutions, ethical drug development and environmental stewardship.
  9. Kraft Heinz. The food and beverage manufacturer reports on its sustainable agriculture, ethical sourcing and nutritional advancement initiatives.
  10. Amgen. A biotechnology pioneer, Amgen places emphasis on patient-centric solutions, ethical biopharma practices and environmental care.

CDW ESG report.

CDW adopts the UN's Sustainable Development graphics in defining ESG pillars.

  1. C.H. Robinson.  Green logistics, ethical operations and community empowerment initiatives include cutting greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half and increasing renewable energy purchases 40% since 2019.
  2. CDW. The computer retailer notes its efforts in sustainable tech solutions, ethical operations and community engagement. Through promoting green tech solutions, fostering transparent business practices, and supporting tech-driven education, CDW aspires to lead in responsible tech provisioning.
  3. Charles Schwab. The financial services company emphasizes financial literacy, ethical investment and community enrichment.
  4. Mastercard. The payment technology company promotes financial inclusion, digital security and environmental responsibility.
  5. JLL. The real estate services company's annuaal ESG Performance Report, previously a Global Sustainability report, prioritizes sustainable property management, ethical business practices and community investment. A separate report, "Transition to net zero," reports progress in reducing absolute scope greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030 and 95% by 2040 from a 2018 base year.
  6. NextEra Energy. Renewable power generation, ecosystem conservation and community involvement are NextEra ESG pillars accelerating the transition to wind and solar energy, maintaining environmental habitats, and forging strong community ties.
  7. Marriott International. The hotelier centers on sustainable hospitality, ethical supply chain and community enrichment.  
  8. Marsh & McLennan. The professional services company emphasizes risk management, ethical governance and social responsibility. 
  9. Carrier. In its 2023 ESG report, the building and refrigeration solutions manufacturer highlights sustainable technologies, energy efficiency and community engagement.

Stanley Black & Decker ESG report.

An ESG Scorecard summarises Stanley Black & Decker's performance.

  1. BNY Mellon. The lender emphasizes financial inclusion, ethical governance and environmental stewardship through eco-conscious investments.
  2. ManpowerGroup. In an updated Working to Change the World Plan and ESG Report, the workforce solutions provider underscores ethical recruitment, workforce development and social equality by ensuring fair hiring practices, providing skills training and championing diversity.
  3. Emerson Electric. The industrial automation supplier accentuates sustainable manufacturing, innovation in energy efficiency and workplace safety.
  4. Cognizant. The IT services provider emphasizes digital ethics, workforce development and environmental stewardship.  
  5. Becton Dickinson. The medical technology company underscores healthcare access, safety innovation and sustainability in operations. 
  6. BJ's Wholesale Club. The retailer accentuates ethical sourcing, waste reduction and community partnership.  
  7. Moderna. The biotech company’s ESG Progress web page centers on breakthrough therapies, ethical research and global health initiatives.  
  8. Land O'Lakes. The dairy co-op underscores sustainable agriculture, humane livestock care and farmer welfare.
  9. Kinder Morgan. The energy infrastructure company focuses on safe operations, environmental care in pipeline management and stakeholder engagement. 
  10. Tenet Health. The healthcare services company’s 2023 ESG report promotes patient care excellence, workforce well-being and sustainable operations through its commitment to top-tier patient services, employee development and eco-friendly hospital management.
  11. Mosaic. An ESG Performance Summary covers sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship and community development, with initiatives promoting efficient resource use and reducing the mining and processing company’s environmental footprint.
  12. Stryker. In the medical technology industry, Stryker wants. to be known for innovation, health and safety, and ethical governance to improve patient and caregiver outcomes.
  13. Kohl's. The retailer focuses on sustainable sourcing, community engagement and environmental responsibility, with energy-efficient store initiatives and support for families in need.
  14. Stanley Black & Decker. The tool manufacturing and industrial equipment maker, emphasizes sustainable innovation, ethical governance and workplace safety, displaying a commitment to producing durable products and enhancing operational efficiency.

PPG Industries ESG report cover.

Color swatches provide a playful theme for PPG's ESG report.

  1. PPG Industries. The supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials focuses on product sustainability, operational efficiency, and community engagement.
  2. Synchrony. The lender emphasizes consumer financial health, ethical practices and inclusive growth, aimed at promoting financial literacy and fostering a diverse workforce.
  3. Lumen Technologies. Lumen’s integrated communications solutions emphasize digital inclusion, cybersecurity and sustainable connectivity in creating adaptive and secure digital platforms.
  4. Lam Research. The semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker emphasizes innovation excellence, environmental stewardship and responsible sourcing. 
  5. Reliance Steel & Aluminum. The metals service center company champions sustainable sourcing, operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.
  6. Group 1 Automotive. The auto dealer network focuses on customer satisfaction, sustainable mobility and ethical business practices.
  7. Aramark. The food, facilities and uniform service provider emphasizes sustainable sourcing, wellness and nutrition, and workplace safety. A diverse range of services, from catering to facilities management, aims to enhance the everyday experiences of clients and consumers. 
  8. DXC Technology. The tech services provider focuses on digital transformation, cybersecurity and sustainable operations, leveraging expertise in business modernization.
  9. AutoZone. Auto parts and accessories retailer AutoZone focuses on customer-centric solutions, sustainable operations and community engagement.   
  10. Pulte. The homebuilder champions sustainable construction, innovative home design and community development.
  11. Westlake. The petrochemicals, plastics and building products manufacturer prioritizes environmental stewardship, ethical governance and community engagement.
  12. Gap. The clothing retailer integrates its commitment to sustainability, diversity and ethical sourcing into its business practices. By focusing on environmentally responsible production, fostering inclusive growth, and maintaining strong ethical standards, Gap strives to make a positive impact in fashion and retail.
  13. W.W. Grainger. The supplier of maintenance, repair, and operating products provides sustainable product solutions, promotes diversity and inclusivity and maintains business ethics standards and an environmental stewardship pledge.
  14. Discover Financial Services. The digital banking and payment services company promotes financial inclusivity, nurtures a diverse workforce and maintains ethical standards and a commitment to environmental health.

International Flavors & Fragrances ESP + Progress report.

An ESP + Progress report reflects International Flavors & Fragrances' ties to nature.

  1. Jacobs Solutions. A provider of technical, professional and construction services, Jacobs Solutions supports sustainable engineering and construction practices, promotes diversity and inclusivity and maintains ethical and environmental standards.
  2. CSX.  The railroad’s strategy for sustainable logistics prioritizes efficient and eco-friendly transportation, fostering workforce diversity, upholding ethical business conduct, and a dedicated effort towards environmental stewardship.
  3. Jackson Financial. The financial services company's ESG strategy commits to financial inclusivity, nurturing a diverse workforce, maintaining high ethical standards, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. A solar farm provides power to the home office in Lansing, Mich.
  4. Berry Global Group. The maker of Visqueen and other specialty plastics products has varied the names of its report from year to year; its website lists the latest ESG report and previous impact and corporate social responsibility reports as sustainability reports.  Environmental goals include 10% recycled content across fast-moving consumer goods by 2025 and 30% circular plastics across FMCGs by 2030. The ESG report also covers sustainable production practices, fostering diversity and inclusivity and upholding business ethics.  
  5. Iqvia. The healthcare IT provider focuses on workforce initiatives such as its Career Connections platform, an AI-powered job marketplace. ESG topics include healthcare solutions, diversity and inclusivity, ethics and environmental health.  
  6. O'Reilly Automotive. The auto parts dealer sets goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pledges to report on progress beginning with its 2023 ESG report. (Previously, O’Reilly had issued Sustainability, Social and Governance reports). Topics include business practices, workforce diversity and business ethics.
  7. Equitable. The financial services and insurance company addressess financial inclusivity, promoting diversity and inclusion, maintaining ethical standards and environmental preservation.
  8. State Street. The asset manager's ESG report covers responsible investing, diversity and inclusion, ethical standards and environmental initiatives.  
  9. Otis. The elevator company sets safety, ethics and quality as absolutes.  Its ESG report covers green manufacturing, a diverse and inclusive workforce, ethical conduct and energy-efficient solutions.
  10. Aecom. The architecture, engineering and construction company structures its ESG report around green infrastructural solutions, diversity and inclusion, ethical standards, and environmental impact.
  11. Universal Health Services. The hospital management company examines patient well-being in its ESG Profile, along with environmentally friendly operations, workforce diversity, ethical standards and community engagement.  
  12. VMware. The enterprise software provider covers eco-friendly development practices, diversity and inclusivity in the workforce, ethical conduct and minimizing environmental footprints in digital spaces.
  13. MGM Resorts. The hospitality and entertainment company embraces sustainable tourism with a focus includes energy-efficient operations, workforce diversity, ethical standards and natural resource conservation. 
  14. Boston Scientific. The medical solutions provider coverss environmentally friendly product development, diversity and inclusivity, ethical conduct and advancing healthcare solutions that benefit communities and the environment. 
  15. AES. The power company's ESG Indicators report illuminates the path towards sustainable energy: renewable energy solutions, fostering a diverse workforce, maintaining ethical standards and proactive climate action.  
  16. Mutual of Omaha. The insurer models responsible investment strategies, fostering diversity and inclusivity, maintaining its ethical code and supporting environmental initiatives.   
  17. International Flavors & Fragrances. “The Do Good Report: IFF’s 2022 ESG Progress” distills the essence of sustainability. The flavors and fragrances maker highlights eco-friendly product development, fostering workforce diversity, upholding high ethical standards, and reducing environmental impact.   
  18. Liberty Media.  The media and sports company broadcasts its green operations, diversity, ethical conduct and environmental efforts. 
  19. FirstEnergy. The electric utility spotlights renewable energy solutions, fostering a diverse workforce, maintaining high ethical standards, and proactive climate action. 
  20. Analog Devices. The maker of integrated circuits covers green manufacturing, fostering diversity and inclusion, maintaining ethical conduct and minimizing environmental impact. 

DaVita website.

DaVita's website reflects the design language of its ESG report.

  1. Avis Budget. The car rental company maps out itts drive toward sustainable transportation solutions, diversity and inclusion, ethical standards and proactive measures to reduce environmental impact.
  2. Unum Group.The disbility insurer strategy safeguards a sustainable future through responsible investment strategies, diversity and inclusivity, ethical standards and environmental initiatives. 
  3. Mohawk Industries. The flooring products manufacturer lays a foundation for sustainability through eco-friendly production, workforce diversity, ethical conduct and minimizing environmental impact. 
  4. DaVita. In its Community Care ESG report, the dialysis services company presents a patient-first approach with attention to workforce diversity and sustainable operations. 
  5. Univar Solutions. As a global chemical and ingredients distributor, Univar Solutions is dedicated to promoting sustainability, ensuring ethical practices and fostering a diverse workforce. 
  6. Interpublic. Driving advertising and marketing innovation, Interpublic Group places emphasis on sustainability, ethical practices and diversity and inclusion. IPG’s initiatives align with its roles to create meaningful connections through creative work.
  7. TravelCenters. The truck stop operator incorporates sustainability, ethical conduct, and workforce diversity into its core values to provide excellent service and amenities.
  8. Molson Coors. The beverage company weaves sustainability, ethical business practices and workforce diversity into its operations.
  9. Hershey. The confectioner centers on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community engagement in its efforts to spread goodness.
  10. News Corp.  Shaping the world of media and information services, News Corp. embraces sustainability, ethical journalism and diverse storytelling as pillars of its ESG strategy. 
  11. Ulta Beauty. The cosmetics retailer weaves sustainability, ethical business practices and workforce diversity into its corporate fabric.
  12. Assurant. As a provider of risk management solutions, Assurant commits itself to responsible business practices, workforce diversity and corporate governance.  
  13. Biogen. In neuroscience innovation, Biogen initiatives encompass ethical research, patient-focused care and a diverse workforce.
  14. UGI. The energy company places emphasis on minimizing environmental impact, safe and reliable energy solutions and a diverse and inclusive workforce contributing positively to the communities they serve.

Blackstone Climate-related Financial Disclosures document.

Blackstone followed its ESG report with a Climate-related Financial Disclosures document.

  1. Owens & Minor. Thel healthcare solutions company weaves sustainability, ethical conduct and workforce diversity into its mission to deliver essential medical products and support the well-being of communities.  
  2. SpartanNash.The grocery retailer focuses on sourcing responsibly and reducing waste, community well-being and efficient operations.\
  3. UFP Industries. In its Governance Report, the wood and wood-alternative products company champions sustainable forestry and sourcing, efficient manufacturing and producing long-lasting products.
  4. Continental Resources. In the oil and natural gas sector, Continental Resources emphasizes efficient extraction, environmental stewardship and community collaboration.
  5. Graphic Packaging. The consumer packaging company focuses on eco-friendly materials, operational efficiency and innovative design.
  6. Fifth Third Bancorp. The lender emphasizes financial literacy, ethical banking and community empowerment.
  7. JetBlue Airways. In the aviation industry, JetBlue emphasizes eco-friendly flying, passenger experience and community engagement. 
  8. Citizens Financial Citizens Bank's ESG report encompassesss customer well-being, ethical banking and rinancial education to facilitate responsible financial growth.
  9. GXO Logistics. In the logistics sector, GXO Logistics emphasizes efficient operations, sustainable solutions, and supply chain integrity. 
  10. Polaris. In off-road vehicles and power sports, Polaris emphasizes innovative design, environmental stewardship and rider safety.  
  11. Constellation Brands. The beer, wine, and spirits company emphasizes quality production, sustainable sourcing and community engagement.
  12. Hilton. In the hospitality sector, Hilton emphasizes guest experience, sustainable operations and community outreach. 
  13. Masco. An ESG four-pager presents the home improvement and building products company’s Quality Craftsmanship, Sustainable Production, and Innovative Design. Their range of products seeks to improve the living spaces of consumers while being conscious of environmental impacts.
  14. M&T Bank. In the financial sector, M&T Bank underscores customer trust, financial literacy and ethical banking practices. 
  15. CMS Energy. In the utilities sector, CMS Energy emphasizes clean energy solutions, community engagement and sustainable operations. 
  16. Blackstone. The investment firm’s report, “An Integrated Approach to ESG,” emphasizes value creation, ethical investments and sustainable growth, capitalizing on growth opportunities while ensuring responsible investment practices. 
  17. Airbnb. The hospitality technology company’s ESG fact sheet emphasizes community building, inclusive travel and sustainable tourism. 
  18. Booz Allen Hamilton The consulting and analytics provider underscores innovative solutions, ethical governance and expertise in technology to help organizations and governments navigate change.
  19. Taylor Morrison Home. The homebuilder and land developer emphasizes sustainable construction, community development and homeowner satisfaction.
  20. A-Mark Precious Metals. The trading company focuses on ethical practices, transparent pricing and sustainable sourcing. 
  21. KeyCorp. The financial services company emphasizes financial literacy, community investment and ethical practices ensuring transparent and responsible banking.
  22. Arko. The convenience store operator emphasizes customer experience, community involvement and sustainable operations. 

Cintas ESG report.

Cintas aspires to a corporate culture in which everyone feels their contributions help empower collective success.

  1. Huntington. Financial literacy, community investment and ethical banking initiatives are aimed at serving underserved communities and offering transparent, community-driven solutions.  
  2. Fortune Brands. The home and security products maker emphasizes product innovation, sustainable manufacturing and customer-centric solutions.
  3. Bed Bath & Beyond. The home goods retailer emphasizes sustainable sourcing, customer experience and environmental responsibility, focusing on waste reduction.
  4. Cintas.The supplier of uniforms and facility services focuses on workplace safety, ethical operations and environmental stewardship to reducing water usage in laundering.
  5. NCR. The maker of point-of-sale terminals and ATM machines emphasizes digital innovation, customer-centric solutions and data security. 
  6. Bath & Body Works. While including sustainable sourcing, customer well-being and product innovation, ESG priorities now extend to ethnic and racial diversity in leadership, support of diverse suppliers and ensuring success for associates. 
  7. Regions Financial. Responsible banking, community development and financial literacy education programs foster an inclusive financial landscape.
  8. Activision Blizzard. The game developer and Microsoft acquisition target focusess on inclusive gaming, digital safety and sustainable operations. 
  9. SVB Financial. Silicon Valley Bank’s corporate ESG strategy champions financial innovation, client empowerment and ethical governance.
  10. Vulcan Materials. The construction aggregate miner has adopted ESG language on its corporate responsibility site, with the pillars of sustainable construction, environmental stewardship and community engagement. 
  11. Watsco. The air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment manufacturer underscores energy efficiency, innovation in comfort solutions and sustainable distribution to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.
  12. Robert Half. The staffing consultant shapes its ESG strategy around to diversity, ethical governance, data security and sustainability. 

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