PepsiCo 2023 Global DE&I Annual Report cover detail.

Corporate Diversity Data: What Fortune 500 DEI Reports Reveal

Published on November 9, 2023

Among the Fortune 500 companies, 154 have proactively released reports on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity data in Purpose Brand’s second annual survey of corporate DEI reports reveals a focus on women in corporate governance and top management. Our review found 154 published diversity reports from Fortune 500 companies, compared to 79 reports in our previous survey of diversity report examples.

Among these 154 reports, 132 companies recognized U.S. gender and racial representation in their diversity reports, all but one of them as separate statistics rather than combining women and people of color. Of the 131 companies sharing data on Black, Indigenous and people of color, 105 noted POC proportions in board, senior management or management roles.

In reporting gender representation, 112 reports stated the percentage of women in top management; 46 reports indicated the positions these women occupy. These corporate diversity statistics speak to greater corporate commitment to gender representation in leadership roles. 

Below the Topline, Fewer Signs of Inclusion

The DEI report data also brings to light areas for broader industry attention. For instance, data on open positions being filled by women and POC was scarcely reported, with only AT&T offering information on both metrics and Discover Financial Services presenting the metric for female hires.

The focus on individuals with disabilities in the U.S, workforce also seems limited, with only 19 companies sharing statistics. Veterans are represented in the statistics of 27 companies. 

In the realm of sexual orientation and gender identity, only 12 companies reported their LGBTQ+ workforce composition. Boeing distinguished itself not merely for leading percentages but also for its nuanced division between gender identity (14%) and sexual orientation (12%).

Workforce trends around hiring were also less in evidence. Only 33 reports showcased data about women as new hires. While 36 companies provided statistics on POC as new hires, 12 hired over 50% POC. 

A baker’s dozen shared their internal promotion statistics. Just three reached gender parity, one counting only senior positions. For POC promotions, four exceeded the 50% mark. AT&T and Discover disclosed open positions filled by women; AT&T also noted the proportiton of POC candidates filling open positions.

Why Reports Need Deep Dive into DEI Data

The analysis suggests varying degrees of inclusion across Fortune 500 companies.

Most companies that share workforce data are showing improvement over the U.S. population. A significant segment attributes value to DEI performance, yet reporting across diverse categories is uneven, suggesting a lack of progress or adherence to DEI commitments. 

While gender representation commands significant attention, areas like disability, veteran status and LGBTQ+ representation receive comparatively little focus. Also, reporting is far from comprehensive in areas that indicate transformative action, such as open positions being filled by women and POC.

In the words of Netflix inclusion strategist Verna Myers, “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” Let’s ensure everyone gets their dance.

Diversity Examples in Fortune 500 Reports

DEI is a foundation of thriving businesses. The corporate landscape is undergoing a powerful shift as companies recognize the impact of inclusive workforces, equal representation and environments that champion all voices.

Purpose Brand reviewed public websites of the 500 biggest companies in the U.S. as reported by Fortune magazine. We found 154 published reports about their diversity practices.  The survey includes chapters of shareholder reports, sustainability or careers presentations and broader discussions of ESG factors. Out of the scope of this review are companies that pledge a commitment to diversity or otherwise publicize DEI initiatives without producing a summary document or website on DEI progress.

The 154 dedicated DEI reports indicate that diversity, inclusion and equity hold significant stakeholder interest. The transparency of a detailed report demonstrates corporate social responsibility, attracts a creative and productive workforce and enhances shareholder value. 

Other posts in this Purpose Brand series review ESG reports from Fortune 500 companies, sustainability disclosures and corporate responsibility and impact reports. The organizations involved are listed in order of revenue, as determined by Fortune, with links to their reports.

2023 DEI Report Examples from Fortune 500 Companies

Microsoft representation charts.

Microsoft's Global Diversity. & Inclusion report includes a page pf representation charts.

  1. Microsoft. Microsoft's Global Diversity & Inclusion report addresses a range of subjects from representation to feedback. The company communicates its progress and stresses the significance of employee empowerment and transparency in DEI endeavors.
  2. Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health's DEI report highlights senior leadership's annual incentives tied to progress toward 2030 representation goals. Declared DEI efforts include establishing a robust listening framework dedicated to fostering a thriving, inclusive culture.
  3. Cigna. Cigna's Diversity Scorecard presents an aim to cultivate an inclusive work culture. The healthcare provider’s DEI Index indicates a positive employee perception of the company's DEI endeavors, surpassing industry benchmarks. Regular reviews of compensation practices attempt to ensure equity and competitive pay.
  4. Marathon. Marathon Petroleum's sustainability report links diversity representation to compensation. The company presents a DEI strategy with near-term plans that emphasize a diverse workforce and community support.
  5. Phillips 66. The oil company’s sustainability report associates a diverse workforce with better business performance and preparation for energy’s future. Separately, it claims a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, suggesting its commitment to non-discrimination and fair benefits. Phillips 66 describes its work culture as one that values diversity and encourages creativity.
  6. Valero. Valero’s ESG report claims increases in gender representation since 2018 and provides insight into the experiences of employees. The energy company's communications suggest that DEI initiatives impact not only the workforce but also the surrounding community.
  7. Ford. Ford's integrated sustainability and financial report declares a commitment to provide opportunities regardless of race, gender, ability, sexual orientation and background. The automaker states that it supports individuals and organizations across the DEI ecosystem. Furthermore, Ford aims to enhance its approach and acknowledge areas for improvement in DEI efforts.
  8. Home Depot: The hardware retailer aims to foster equity, eradicate prejudice and provide tools for success to all associates and business partners. Its ESG report claims that it has raised associate engagement, extended associate resource groups and started a Tier II supplier diversity program. The company plans to expand programs for HBCUs, support the advancement of underrepresented associates and widen supplier diversity.
  9. General Motors. GM's DEI annual report indicates an integration of diversity into its core values, with an emphasis on cross-generational teamwork to address stereotypes. GM also states its support for human rights and community outreach. The company positions itself as striving for innovation through DEI efforts within the automotive industry.
  10. Elevance Health. Elevance Health's impact report analysis states that 77% of associates are female and 51% are  racially or ethnically diverse. The company claims to value employee feedback and regularly assesses workplace culture, diversity, and inclusion.The report states that Fair Pay Workplace certification confirms equal pay for women and people of color. 
  11. JPMorgan Chase. The DEI and human capital strategies in the financial services company’s ESG report include financial incentives that notably support small businesses and racial equity in housing. The report paints a picture of a company intent on fostering diversity while simultaneously addressing broader societal challenges.
  12. Kroger. A DEI Framework for Action infographic notes training, supplier diversity community engagement programs. The grocer has expanded partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic serving institutions (HCIs) and increased the number of diverse suppliers. The company claims that its Fresh Start program gives graduates a second chance to enter the labor market.
  13. Centene. Centene’s Indentity & Intersectionality analysis views DEI as a conduit for innovation. The role of Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs) is to champion individual and team growth, while the healthcare company’s collaboration with diverse suppliers showcases its holistic approach. Centene describes its culture as revolving around the fostering of inclusivity and the valuing of diverse perspectives.
  14. Verizon. The social chapter of Verizon's ESG report details the status of representation, inclusive culture and supplier diversity. The report spotlights resources for underrepresented groups and emphasizes the company's commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive environment. Verizon claims to actively seek partnerships with diverse suppliers and provide support to small and minority-owned enterprises.
  15. Walgreens Boots Alliance. Walgreens’ ESG report emphasizes the drugstore chain’s intent to reflect customer and community diversity within its teams. The report underscores its push to elevate women and people of color in leadership roles, encapsulating a vision of inclusivity. 
  16. Fannie Mae. The mortgage banker’s ESG communications highlight its DEI approach, valuing varied employee perspectives in the housing market. The lender has been recognized as a "Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion" and have set up ta delegated underwriting and servicing DE&I subcommittee. Fannie Mae outreach addresses housing inequities and business partnerships to support minority homeownership.
  17. Comcast. The telecom and media company’s impact report attributes its innovation to robust DEI practices. The report indicates financial support of community groups fighting inequality and emphasizes diverse hiring and supplier relationships. The company claims that its ERGs and leadership participation further amplify a dedication to an inclusive workplace.
  18. AT&T. AT&T's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Wins report highlights a drive towards equitable access to education and training. The data reflects efforts to recruit from a diverse talent pool, and the telecom company emphasizes transparency in its racial equity progress.
  19. Meta. The Facebook parent’s global hiring for remote jobs has increased representation for individuals with disabilities. By its endorsement of remote work, Meta Platforms claims to tap into global talent, diversifying its workforce further. The company sees gender diversity as an active pursuit within a comprehensive DEI commitment.
  20. Bank of America. The lender’s shareholder and ESG reports note several initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion, including DEI-focused financial commitments to causes in local communities. The company suggests that its initiatives reveal its approach to addressing broader DEI concerns. Workforce data indicates a 13.3% Asian representation. 
  21. Target. Target's communications outline a DEI strategy centered on inclusivity, equality and accountability. With a claimed 17-year track record in DEI, the retailer reports efforts to make platforms accessible to all. Its ESG report pledges dedication to diverse and equitable initiatives.
  22. Dell Technologies. Dell's inclusion narratives emphasize DEI alignment with company values and social impacts, including racial equality. The computer company claims to make strides toward a more diverse, accessible workplace and uses its ESG reports to detail DEI progress.
  23. ADM. Agribusiness company Archer Daniels Midland pledged to reach gender parity in leadership by 2030; its sustainability report claims 28% women representation in senior ranks.
  24. Citigroup. Citi’s 2022 global analysis found median pay for women at more than 77% of the median for men. The median pay for U.S. minorities was more than 97% of the median for non-minorities, which the lender plans to address by increasing representation in higher-compensated roles. Seven Inclusion Networks are listed on the investment bank’s diversity impact page. The lender’s ESG initiatives include the cultivation of a company culture of fairness and empowerment.
  25. UPS. United Parcel Service documents a strategy to enhance the employee experience. The logistics company’s DEI impact report communicates support for women- and minority-owned businesses. Its claims suggest a positive correlation between diversity commitment and financial performance, citing research on the benefits of a diverse workspace.
  26. Pfizer: The drugmaker pledges in its ESG report to reach 47% global female representation and 32% U.S. minority representation in vice president and higher roles. Pfizer encouraged collaboration on intersectionality among seven Enterprise Colleague Resource Groups. 

Humana impact report workforce graphic.

A graphic in Humana's impact report represents workforce diversity.

  1. Lowe’s. According to the hardware retailer, initiatives such as its supplier diversity program aim to support underrepresented communities. Lowe’s communications suggest efforts in creating an inclusive culture. Its DEI annual report notes its marketing of accessible products and outreach to community vendors.
  2. FedEx. After a failed 2021 shareholder resolution on racism in corporate culture, Fedex has revealed few workforce details beyond EEO-1 reports and philanthropy fact sheets. Its ESG report indicates the rate of global female new hires has dropped to 29%.
  3. Humana. An impact report indicates POC and women turnover in leadership levels, with an objective that no one demographic exits from the healthcare insurer at a higher rate.
  4. State Farm. State Farm's strategy, as described, prioritizes reflecting the communities it serves. With a Chief Diversity Officer and various initiatives, the insurance company highlights its commitment in its ESG impact report. In 2022, it defended its philanthropy to organizations such as GenderCool.
  5. Freddie Mac. Over half of employees identify as a racial or ethnic minority. Women make up 44% of the mortgage lender’s workforce. Pay range transparency was instituted as an equity practice. The lender’s website and ESG report lists its 10 employee resource groups.
  6. PepsiCo. According to the food and beverage company’s DEI annual report, diversity is a significant aspect of operations. Focus areas, as described, include workplace equity, gender equality in leadership positions and broader societal initiatives.
  7. Johnson & Johnson. The company’s DEI framework includes a dedicated office for DEI. Its latest Impact Review suggests an emphasis on understanding patient and consumer needs such as diverse language support or disease prevalence in under-resourced populations.
  8. Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo's DEI data indicates that 45% of its U.S. workforce is ethnically diverse and 53% is female. The bank’s DEI framework spans workforce diversity, supplier relationships and societal impact. The results of a third-party racial equity audit will be announced in 2023. 
  9. Disney. The Walt Disney Co.'s DEI initiatives are directed at developing a diverse workforce and fostering a respectful company culture. Its Reimagine Tomorrow initiative promotes accurate representation in media and entertainment. Disney emphasizes the importance of diversity in catering to its varied audience and for producing inclusive content.
  10. ConocoPhilips. The energy company lists its 14 employee networks. Its ESG metrics include workforce reporting by gender and age.
  11. Tesla. With Elon Musk at the wheel, the electric carmaker reported 10% women and 40% POC senior managers in its first impact report, setting Ford, GM and 15 Fortune 1000 tech companies as benchmarks.
  12. Proctor & Gamble. P&G initiatives such as Widen the Screen, showcasing Black creators, are presented as a means to challenge stereotypes. Internal practices and statements indicate a focus on employee equality and fostering a sense of belonging.
  13. RTX. As presented in ESG communications, the rebranded aerospace and defense contractor Raytheon Technologies has a multiyear Action Pillar framework for DEI improvements. Partnerships and ERGs are enlisted in efforts to diversify recruitment and offer support mechanisms.
  14. Boeing. The Boeing Co.’s Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion report presents ERGs as platforms for networking and mentorship. Collaborations with educational institutions communicate the value of diversity. Strategies focus on broader societal inclusivity, including supplier diversity.
  15. Intel. Outlined in a corporate responsibility report, Intel's programs and partnerships highlight the role of diversity in innovation and decision-making. DEI strategies include equal pay, an inclusive environment and supplier diversity.
  16. IBM. IBM's strategy and programs such as the Be Equal initiative, a pride campaign with its own brand identity and merchandise, suggest a correlation between workplace diversity and innovation. Efforts are presented as aiming to provide equal opportunities.
  17. Caterpillar. The construction equipment manufacturer aims for an environment where all feel valued. The company's Diversity & Inclusion reports indicate efforts to attract, develop and retain a diverse talent pool, emphasizing women, racial and ethnic minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities.
  18. New York Life. New York Life Insurance Co. positions diversity as crucial for understanding and meeting diverse customer needs. The DEI strategy revolves around employee representation, workplace culture and community engagement. Initiatives such as diverse recruitment strategies, inclusive hiring processes and ERGs are highlighted.   
  19. Dow. Dow's ESG progress report highlights a commitment to diversity and inclusion as key components of innovation and sustainable development. Talent development, ERGs and inclusive leadership programs tap into diverse perspectives and enhance problem-solving. Dow's emphasis on diversity and inclusion correlates with goals to bolster employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty
  20. AmEx. In its DEI report, American Express views diversity and inclusion as pivotal to its decision-making and innovation processes. The company has implemented DEI initiatives targeting workforce, suppliers and community inclusivity. The financial services company claims to have achieved 100% pay equity globally and plans to double spending with diverse suppliers to further illustrate its commitment.
  21. Abbott. Abbott's documentation highlights DEI as a key factor for fostering a positive work environment and driving business success. The drug and diagnostic manufacturer’s initiatives encompass a range of diversity dimensions, including gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Training programs, unconscious bias education and ERGs are a few highlighted efforts.
  22. Delta. According to Delta’s DEI progress report, the airline has expressed a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The report mentions initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of belonging, leadership development for underrepresented groups, and partnerships that support diversity. The report also indicates regular accountability measures through consistent reporting. 

HF Sinclair sustainability report.

HF Sinclair's sustainability report highlights DEI milestones.

  1. United Airlines. United communicates a commitment to DEI in materials. The airline focuses on addressing underrepresentation in leadership and plans to share its US diversity representation data annually.
  2. Mass Mutual. MassMutual's reports emphasize the importance of DEI for its overall success. Incentives include targeted recruitment, employee resource groups, leadership development, and cultural competency training. By incorporating these, Mass Mutual aims to harness the potential of its diverse workforce for better decision-making and innovation.
  3. HF Sinclair. According to its sustainability report, the energy company’s workforce is 17% female, 83% male, and 22% from various ethnic/racial backgrounds. Veterans and reservists make up 5% of its U.S. workforce. To reinforce DEI efforts, a director of inclusion and diversity was appointed in 2022.
  4. 3M. According to 3M's communications, the company sees diversity and inclusion as precursors to innovative thinking and improved decision-making. A Global Diversity Index, which measures diverse representation in management, is a highlighted initiative for 2022. 3M's focus on DEI extends beyond its internal operations, with community engagement efforts aiming for a more inclusive future.
  5. US Foods. US Foods' corporate social responsibility report outlines programs and initiatives that emphasize the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace. The company claims to offer programs addressing potential career growth barriers and provide education on topics like unconscious bias. The company's approach is geared towards creating a culture based on respect and collaboration.
  6. Starbucks. Starbucks has implemented DEI initiatives that aim to enhance the representation of BIPOC individuals. Additionally, the company has stated that it achieved pay equity for similar roles in the US, irrespective of race or gender.
  7. Netflix. Netflix's inclusion report details efforts to increase representation to reflect a more global audience. The initiatives mentioned in the report are purported to foster creativity and innovation by incorporating diverse perspectives. Netflix claims to be ​​committed to promoting DEI in company policies and practices.
  8. Salesforce. An Equity Update reports initiatives to emphasize DEI in its hiring process. Efforts include a voluntary self-identification program, a diversity recruiting team, and collaborations with external organizations. Salesforce also mentions a program named "Insiders" to support underrepresented workers' advancement.
  9. Micron. Micron Technology's initiatives focus on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Efforts include increasing the representation of marginalized groups and engaging with diverse suppliers. One highlighted initiative is the Inclusive Sponsorship Program (MISP), which aims to provide growth opportunities for diverse leaders.
  10. Southern. Southern Co.'s Moving to Equity report provides details of the energy company’s $40 million, multiyear investment in HBCU programs, as well as diverse workforce and anti-racism initiatives. Emphasis on fair treatment for all groups is highlighted.
  11. Duke Energy. Duke Energy's materials claim it has received recognition for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity from Black Enterprise Magazine. Duke has established diversity and inclusion councils that serve as platforms for learning, understanding, and addressing diversity-related issues. The company claims to focus on goals, transparency, and supplier diversity within leadership teams to promote DEI.
  12. Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree’s documentation highlights the importance they place on diversity and inclusion. Its corporate sustainability report states that they have established initiatives such as ERGs and mentoring programs. The company also communicates a commitment to accessible shopping options and customer engagement.
  13. Cummins. Cummins' Human Capital Management report indicates a focus on diversity and inclusion within its workplace culture. The company has established a committee dedicated to enhancing employee experiences and has developed global implementation plans. According to the report, 26.1% of leadership roles within Cummins are held by women.
  14. PayPal. PayPal communicates that it has implemented initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion by embracing people of all backgrounds and identities. They claim to actively seek a diverse supplier base and strive to create a culture where employees feel a sense of belonging. PayPal believes that diversity leads to a richer pool of ideas and better meets the needs of its global customer base.
  15. US Bancorp. According to US Bancorp's ESG report, the company has put in place diversity and inclusion initiatives. They utilize workforce demographic analyses to support these initiatives. The report also mentions a Business Diversity Lending Program designed to assist women, minorities, and diverse business owners.
  16. Gilead. Gilead Sciences' approach to diversity and inclusion emphasizes reflecting the diversity of communities and encouraging self-expression. Its Environmental Social Governance Impact report. notes its supplier diversity and the belief that such practices can lead to enhanced employee engagement and innovation.
  17. Nvidia. Nvidia's DEI report states that they prioritize diversity in the hiring process. The company communicates that DEI helps cater to a diverse customer base. Initiatives include recruitment from universities, internships, unconscious bias training, and collaborations with organizations focused on underrepresented groups.
  18. Kraft Heinz. Kraft Heinz’s communications emphasize the significance of diversity and inclusion in its company materials. The food manufacturer's ESG report puts forth a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture where individuals can contribute varied perspectives and excel.
  19. Amgen. Amgen's stance is a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. Initiatives include educational programs and support for increasing diversity in STEM fields. Amgen iterates its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within its workforce by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. 
  20. Macy’s. Macy's claims a commitment to diversity and inclusion across business units. They mention efforts such as the "Mission Every One" platform, which will invest in diversity, and a new inclusion initiative focusing on representation across various dimensions.

Union Pacific Employee Journey timeline.

The Union Pacific railroad's We Are One report displays an Employee Journey timeline.

  1. Union Pacific. Union Pacific's equal opportunity policy and training are aimed at enhancing cultural competency. Its We Are One report notes that a third-party review found no significant pay disparities based on gender or race and that a significant percentage of new hires consist of people of color and women.
  2. Southwest Airlines. Per Southwest Airlines' DEI report, the company has demarcated four key focus areas: culture and values, brand, supplier diversity and workforce diversity. The report emphasizes efforts in fostering an inclusive culture, mirroring diverse communities in the brand, working with diverse suppliers, and maintaining a varied workforce.
  3. McDonald’s. McDonald's has released a DEI report that highlights the company's efforts in creating inclusive workspaces. The report mentions practices intended to promote safety and inclusivity. Additionally, the report cites the implementation of "Allyship through Accountability", linking executive compensation to diversity-related goals, and a recruitment initiative aimed at increasing franchisees from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Steel Dynamics: A Sustainability Update cites Steel Dynamics' workforce demographics, with 11% females and 33% ethnically diverse employees. A seven-member senior leadership team includes one female and one Hispanic member. The company also emphasizes efficient operations achieved through quality supplier relationships.
  5. Genuine Parts: Genuine Parts' sustainability report highlights its workforce diversity statistics, indicating that 23.2% of managerial roles are held by POC and 15.4% of the Board consists of POC. In 2022, business resource groups were initiated, which reportedly support diversity, personal and professional development, community engagement and feedback for more inclusive policies. 
  6. Wesco International: Wesco's sustainability report notes the company's continued expansion of business resource groups, introducing a new BRG in 2022 for Employees with Diverse Abilities. The company reports that it was acknowledged by Latino Leaders magazine in 2022 for its diversity commitment.
  7. WestRock. WestRock's report emphasizes the pursuit of an inclusive work atmosphere. In 2022, 80% of U.S. salaried workforce underwent "Blind Spots" training, aimed at recognizing unconscious biases, with a goal of global participation by 2023. Collaborations with seven HBCUs and a partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund have reportedly been initiated. The company documents an annual increase in women and people of color's representation, especially at the executive and management tiers.
  8. Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes' 2022 annual report points to the energy company’s strategic transformation and highlights the role of DEI in shaping the company. Baker Hughes documents efforts to establish an inclusive environment, with a focus on transparency and accountability. The report encompasses the company's DEI progress, including recruitment, promotion, and supplier diversity practices.
  9. U.S. Steel. An inaugural DEI report highlights its Best for All strategy and other strategic endeavors. The steelmaker’s ongoing DEI initiatives aim for an inclusive workplace, referencing broader strategy and organizational values.
  10. Lear: Lear asserts that it promotes a workspace free from harassment and discrimination, ensuring all employees feel welcome. The social responsibility section of Lear's sustainability report claims a Together We Grow initiative, initiated to nurture future diverse leaders, offers mentorship, training, and career guidance. Lear mentions that it has achieved near-complete pay equity across genders and ethnicities.
  11. Marriott International. In 2021, Marriott's diversity data showcased over 50% representation at various leadership levels. Having been acknowledged by DiversityInc in 2020 for its DEI efforts, the company claims it has strengthened its commitment by partnering with Howard University to nurture future leaders.
  12. Altria Group. Altria Group's Corporate Responsibility Progress report indicates an aspiration to foster inclusivity for all employees. The report mentions efforts towards equal opportunities and transparently reporting workforce data through "Inclusion & Diversity Aiming Points." Altria's 2020 goals for DEI and strides towards a diverse organization are also highlighted, along with its approach to diversifying suppliers.
  13. Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments' Corporate Citizenship website reports that 35.6% of its global workforce comprises of women. The company indicates a focus on increasing the representation of women and minorities in engineering roles, leading to collaborations with educational entities and nonprofits.
  14. Tenneco: Tenneco's sustainability review mentions the company's DEI emphasis through the expansion of  BRGs and the introduction of tan Inclusion, DIversity & Equity program. BRGs grew to around 1,000 members. The report cites 21% of its global managerial workforce as female and 21% as minority representation in the U.S. 
  15. Halliburton. According to Halliburton's documentation, the company emphasizes a culture of respect and inclusion. The partnership with the Recruiting Inclusive Students into Energy (RISE) Scholars Program at Prairie View A&M aims to enhance the representation of Black employees. Halliburton also engages in initiatives promoting STEM opportunities in Native American communities.
  16. BNY Mellon. Information from BNY Mellon underscores commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy report includes collaboration with diverse enterprises and DEI promotion in markets. Efforts in inclusive hiring practices, professional development, and addressing climate change are noted.
  17. Whirlpool. Whirlpool Corp.’s online sustainability report outlines its priorities around DEI. The report details ERG and supply chain initiatives. Community involvement, with campaigns like United Way, and emphasis on employee safety and environmental considerations are also mentioned.
  18. Waste Management. ​​Waste Management's sustainability report outlines 2030 diversity targets, aspiring for 25% female and 30% racial/ethnic minority representation in managerial positions. The waste and environmental services company uses dashboards to monitor diversity metrics across the organization, aiming to meet or exceed industry standards for gender and racial/ethnic diversity.
  19. General Mills. General Mills' communications emphasizes the "Champion Belonging" value. It states growth in minority representation, with officers being 29% people of color. The report mentions a 40% growth in spending with diverse suppliers in 2022, contributing to economic and job creation impacts.
  20. Lincoln Financial: Lincoln Financial's corporate social responsibilitty report states that the company expanded its methods for collecting employee feedback during various employment stages, including onboarding and exit. This feedback shapes the company's strategies on workplace culture and development opportunities. The report introduces the 5Cs Framework, focusing on collaboration, creativity, celebration, and connection for a flexible work setting.
  21. Kohl’s. The retailer's ESG report speaks of initiatives designed to promote inclusivity, giving Black associates a voice, and integrating Black culture into the organization. The company mentions a commitment to understanding and celebrating differences. Additionally, Kohl's outlines its Diversity and Inclusion strategy, emphasizing its integration across the company's operations.
  22. Colgate-Palmolive. Colgate-Palmolive's DEI report disclosures underscore the consumer products manufacturer’s intent to mirror the diversity of the communities they cater to. They rolled out Leadership Principles in 2022 to enhance DEI efforts. The data reflects increased representation among women and Black/African Americans at the vice president level.
  23. Adobe. Adobe's materials communicate a perspective wherein respect and inclusion foster creativity and success. The Adobe For All In Action program is presented as a testament, encompassing aspects like cultivating belonging, championing diverse voices, and advocating for societal equity.
  24. Block: The financial services company accentuates representation and transparency in its approach to diversity, particularly regarding gender and racial aspects. The records indicate surpassed gender representation goals in business roles and observed improvements in leadership and tech positions. The 2022 data showcases a 5.7% increase in leadership roles from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. 
  25. L3Harris Technologies: According to L3Harris Technologies' documentation, there's an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, with aspirations of a workforce comprised of half women and one-third people of color. The documentation also details collaboration with diverse suppliers and the hosting of inclusion conferences. 
  26. Synchrony. The financial service company's diversity report mentions that the approach incorporates emerging best practices and significant resource allocation to bolster sustainability. The company states that a forward-looking vision includes reshaping the workforce composition and a notable commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community.
  27. Principal Financial. The company states that they’re attracted to individuals who contribute distinct viewpoints, enthusiasm, and specialized skills to aid in progressing financial security. With a diverse board comprising 62% members from varied backgrounds, they claim to advocate for an inclusive environment where individual talents are nurtured. 
  28. Edison International. Edison International's records indicate a second cohort was added to further its engagement with Black employees. Its DEI report also states that Edison International provided over $3.4 million to underrepresented college students pursuing STEM scholarships. The company claims that by fostering an environment where all voices are valued, they enrich the workplace and enhance overall effectiveness. 
  29. Dominion Energy. Dominion Energy's materials highlight DEI as integral to the organization. Statements emphasize an inclusive culture where employees can thrive. The HBCU Promise, a commitment to support 11 historically black colleges and universities, further demonstrates this dedication.
  30. AutoZone. AutoZone's records suggest a commitment to embracing diversity and ensuring equal and respectful treatment. Six business resource groups represent various identities. In 2022, unconscious bias training was introduced for management, in order to emphasize continuous feedback.
  31. Illinois Tool Works. ITW's sustainability report outlines its framework for diversity and inclusion as consisting of leadership commitment and accountability, global and diverse talent, an inclusive workplace and being a great employer. ITW claims that it continued to increase representation in the top 1,000 leaders for racial/ethnic diversity (U.S.) and gender.
  32. Aramark: Aramark reports that the Board of Directors features 36% women, and 50% of the CEO's direct reports are women. The company states that it introduced two DEI training modules in fiscal 2022. Its ESG report claims its employee resource groups have over 3,400 members worldwide, with a significant representation of women and people of color in the workforce.
  33. BorgWarner. BorgWarner's data from 2021 and 2022 highlights a focus on "Inclusion and Unconscious Bias" training, mandated for all directorial roles and above. The information stresses the importance of collaboration among a diverse group to reach organizational objectives.
  34. Consolidated Edison: Through its partnership with NAACP, the company reported 50% of its 2021 new hires as people of color and 21.4% as women. The company states that its focus on veterans and supplier diversity programs underlines its dedication to diversity. Furthermore, the data reports that the Clean Energy Business saw increased diversity in internships and managerial roles.
  35. Gap. Gap Inc.'s data suggests a profound commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. There's a documented 2% increase in female roles in the Gap Tech team since 2020. Initiatives, such as the ones focusing on the extended Asian community, have been highlighted.
  36. Discover Financial Services: Discover’s DEI Transparency report presents an advancing trend toward DEI, especially in elevating women to officer roles and improving racial representation across management tiers. By aiming for 2025 goals, the company believes that it continues to prioritize increased diversity.
  37. Baxter International. Baxter International believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of the company’s culture and business operations. The data analysis from 2022 showcases a 2% growth in women and ethnic minorities in leadership roles. Baxter's quarterly diversity dashboards enable the leadership to consistently evaluate and refine DEI objectives, anchored in labor market insights.

Corning's Global DEI Annual Report adopts a colored glass motif.

  1. J.B. Hunt: According to the company, the transportation services company were recognized by Forbes in 2022 as a top employer for diversity. The company's sustainability report claims that its ERGs have over 5,000 members, and that 11% of the workforce are military veterans. A new Inclusion Council was formed in 2022 to further drive DEI efforts.
  2. Guardian Life. Founded by a civil rights lawyer, the insurer prioritizes social justice. The company states in a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion report that it focuses on creating solutions that help people achieve goals. The company claims that it seeks to help people understand the problems faced by communities.
  3. Fidelity Investments: The fund manager’s third DEI report showcases its ongoing commitment to diversity. The company has hired over 42,000 associates, with a 16% increase from underrepresented groups. The report also emphasizes enhanced benefits for associates and deepened community and supplier engagements.
  4. Omnicom Group. Omnicom Group's DEI report states efforts in consistently promoting equity and challenging norms. The board composition is 60% women, of which 50% are POC.
  5. Tractor Supply. Tractor Supply outlines its DEI efforts in an ESG tearsheet, stating these principles align with its mission and values. The company's structure for DEI encompasses team members, customers, communities, and suppliers. In 2022, the company surpassed its 2026 goal with a 35% increase in spending on diverse suppliers. The company also states that its employees have undergone annual DEI training.
  6. Corning: Corning's established its Office of Racial Equality and Social Unity in 2020. ORESU's initiatives have focused on education equity, professional development, and collaborations, such as partnerships with North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and the Freedom School summer program.
  7. Ecolab: According to Ecolab's recent communications, dedication to DEI has gained recognition, with mentions in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index. The company states a significant achievement in 2022 was the 128% growth in spending with diverse suppliers. Furthermore, the company claims to have received a nod from DiversityInc in 2023 as one of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity.
  8. Keurig Dr Pepper: Keurig Dr. Pepper's data indicates a rise in diversity within leadership roles, with 31% women and 18% people of color. Its corporate responsibility report states that the company implemented extensive DEI training programs and participated in diverse job fairs. The company aims to work toward achieving 2025 representation targets.
  9. Xcel Energy: Xcel Energy claims it saw a 6% rise in female senior leadership representation. The company's strategic approach to DEI includes diverse hiring panels, unconscious bias training, and metric-based incentives. Xcel believes that acknowledgments in areas like LGBTQ Equality and veteran hiring further accentuate its commitment.
  10. Wayfair: In its DEI initiatives, Wayfair highlights support for emerging women, non-binary, and leaders of color. The introduction of a manager inclusivity scorecard and retention strategies indicates Wayfair's drive for transparent and sustained DEI progress.
  11. eBay. EBay’s DEI report focuses on four DEI objectives: increasing representation, fostering belonging, community and ally engagement, and promoting inclusive technology. Communities of Inclusion, employee-led groups, hosted over 175 events in 2022. According to the provided data, during that year gender pay equity study showed minimal disparity in compensation based on gender, both in the U.S. and globally.
  12. Textron. Textron discusses its commitment to a diverse workforce and inclusive environment across global operations. The company offered scholarships to HBCU students and collaborated with organizations to connect with diverse job seekers. Data indicates diversity hires reached 54.9% and overall workforce diversity was at 44%.
  13. Kiewit: Peter Kiewit Sons articulates that the DEI approach is tied to core values, including people and integrity. The company claims it witnessed an increase in its female workforce from 12% in 2021 to 14% in 2022. Its sustainability report states that the company provides scholarships like Women in Kiewit and has initiated a 2022 partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to support students from HBCUs.
  14. Intuit. In its DEI report, Intuit communicates its objective to make significant positive impacts. The company reportedly introduced the Indigenous Peoples Network in early 2022. The company’s focus is on uniting individuals through various activities such as volunteerism, hosting external speakers, and celebrating diverse cultures.
  15. Alcoa. According to its sustainability report, Alcoa seeks to create an “everyone culture,” aiming to make all employees feel valued. The company reports progress in hiring from underrepresented groups, surpassing targets in 2022. The company states that its introduction of the Everyone Culture Framework and Global IDE Policy, along with mentions in the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality and Corporate Equality Indexes, further emphasize its DEI efforts.
  16. Eversource. Eversource Energy's approach to DEI emphasizes intentional commitment and effort. Strategy pillars include leadership commitment, workforce diversity, inclusivity, diverse suppliers, and community impact. The company's DEI report states that 61.6% of external hires were women or POC.
  17. Regeneron. Regeneron's Global DEI Impact report asserts the importance of diversity in scientific pursuits. Regeneron claims to have established a robust governance model as a crucial component of its DEI strategy. This model incorporates mechanisms that hold senior leadership accountable and defines measurable outcomes for gauging progress within each DEI pillar.
  18. Analog Devices. By 2026, Analog Devices aims to boost the proportion of female managers from 23% to 29%. The company claims to value directors with varied experience levels, seeing the benefits in knowledge transfer and diversity of perspectives. Its ESG report claims that they were recognized in Newsweek’s America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in 2023.
  19. VF Corp.: VF Corp. has outlined goals aiming for global gender parity in leadership and a 25% POC representation by 2030. According to a DEI + Action Annual Profile, the trajectory into 2023 suggests a continued commitment to these DEI objectives.
  20. Expedia: Expedia Group merged DEI and People teams, emphasizing four primary pillars. Its Inclusion & Diversity report cites a 1% increase in female leadership representation and a 2% rise in tech roles. Additionally, Expedia noted a 2.4% enhancement in U.S. Underrepresented Identities representation and credited alterations in hiring procedures for these figures.
  21. United Rentals. United Rentals has outlined a DEI strategy that includes elements like attraction, belonging, promotion, and influence. Its corporate responsibility report sets a goal of achieving 40% diverse representation in sales and management by 2030. The report emphasizes the role of DEI in organizational direction.
  22. S&P Global: S&P Global has highlighted its commitment to transparency by documenting a shift in the gender pay gap in 2022. They've initiated partnerships with HBCUs to augment Black representation. Engagements such as events at Texas Southern University and scholarships further showcase emphasis on education and research
  23. Williams. Williams cites diversity and inclusion as foundational to organizational culture. They reportedly have partnered with HBCUs, notably North Carolina A&T and Langston University, to provide internships and recruit full-time hires. Williams' initiatives aim to have a tangible impact in underrepresented communities
  24. Interpublic Group. IPG has reported a commitment to DEI for over 20 years. Objectives encompass a diverse workforce, an inclusive work environment, and quality creative output. Its ESG report states that it adopted the UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) in 2022, aligning with a global network emphasizing women's empowerment in workplaces. 
  25. Huntington Ingalls. A sustainability report states that DEI aligns with its core values, encompassing responsibility, respect, integrity, engagement, and performance. The company’s strategy includes partnerships with HBCUs, veterans' organizations, and groups promoting hiring individuals with disabilities. Additionally, HII claims to sponsor and recruit at STEM diversity conferences, including the Black Engineer of the Year Awards and the Society of Women Engineers Conference.
  26. Dana. Operating as a mission-driven global drivetrain and e-propulsion systems leader, Dana’s DEI report spotlights the importance of DEI within nonprofits. The report’s insights reveal the DEI integration landscape among Delaware nonprofits, indicating perseverance irrespective of budgetary brackets. As 2023 approaches, Dana claims to continue its commitment to understanding and addressing these crucial societal dynamics.

Newell lists nine employee resource groups in its Corporate Citizenship report.

Newell lists nine employee resource groups in its Corporate Citizenship report.

  1. Newell. Newell Brands highlights its diverse workforce ethnicities, races, and backgrounds. In its corporate social responsibility report, the company emphasizes the significance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in team dynamics. The report also mentions the increased representation of women and people of color in leadership roles and the broader workforce. 
  2. Thrivent. Thrivent Financial reports a DEI strategy centered around four pillars: talent, culture, community, and clients. According to data, the board comprises 54% women and 23% African American members, emphasizing a work environment where everyone is valued.
  3. KLA. The report mentions that KLA initiated a campaign to bolster employee involvement in inclusion activities. The company claims that ongoing efforts concentrate on mitigating unconscious bias, ensuring that diverse and qualified candidates are considered.
  4. Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Vertex Pharmaceuticals communicates a commitment to DEI, considering it vital for delivering transformative medicines. They aim to lay a strong DEI foundation and recognize the value of a diverse workforce. In an Inclusion, Diversity and Equity fact sheet, Vertex emphasizes the significance of including diverse populations in clinical trials to ensure medicine efficacy across diverse patient groups.
  5. Williams-Sonoma: A sustainability report notes the retailer's inclusion on Forbes' Best Employers for Diversity in 2022 and its women-centric initiatives. The company believes that its collaborations with the NAACP and a workforce of 43.7% POC underscore diversity commitment. The company also claims it engaged in discussions with the NAACP's CEO to bolster the Equity Action Plan.
  6. KeyCorp. KeyCorp's 2022 DEI report describes a framework centered around the workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Data from the report indicates 73% of new hires demonstrated diversity in terms of gender or ethnicity. KeyCorp’s statements emphasize an objective to mirror the diversity of its clientele and the communities in which it operates.
  7. Ingredion: According to its DEI report, Ingredion has established DEI goals aiming for 38% BIPOC representation in managerial roles in the U.S. by 2030. They also mention that they seek to align with industry inclusion standards on global surveys by 2025.
  8. PPL Corp. PPL's sustainability report indicates a rise in women in leadership roles, from 23.8% in 2020 to 35% in 2022. The company's DEI approach emphasizes the recruitment, development, and retention of a diverse team. PPL aims to keep working to bring in, train, and keep a skilled and diverse team.
  9. NCR. NCR claims that “every voice matters” and that it has a two-decade history of being acknowledged for its inclusive work environment. According to the report, the supplier diversity program focuses on small businesses and investments in minorities and women, which they believe fosters growth and innovation.
  10. XPO Logistics. XPO's DEI endeavors center around expanding the candidate pool, fostering internal talent, and enhancing an image as a diverse employer. Workforce metrics for the year displayed about 40% people of color, a rise from the previous year, with women securing 35% of global promotions.
  11. Ameren: Ameren's declared commitment to DEI aims at removing barriers and fostering excellence, aligning with corporate culture pillars. The board has a diversity rate of 57%, and 84% of the leadership team has received implicit bias training. Also, the company reports an investment exceeding 1 billion in diverse supplier spending.
  12. KKR. A Life at KRR report suggests a focus on diversity and inclusion through recruitment, retention, and training. The company collaborates with external organizations and provides training to promote an inclusive environment.

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