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Social Media Amplifies Sweepstakes to Promote Debt-Free Education for All

Sootchy is a mobile app that empowers parents to open 529 Investment Accounts that allow friends, family and themselves to donate to a child’s education fund with tax-free growth. Their mission is to end the student loan crisis by providing ways for underserved and underprivileged children to afford college or higher education without taking on a lifelong burden of overwhelming student loan debt.

The Challenge

To promote the launch of their app, Sootchy hosted a sweepstakes that would award one winner $40,000 to help pay off their existing student loan debt or save for a child’s future education goals. Sootchy required a multi-faceted approach to promote the sweepstakes digitally to reach the largest audience possible.

The Solution

Purpose Brand was engaged to build out an organic social media strategy, support with paid social advertising creatives and develop and manage an influencer marketing campaign. Our campaign utilized engaging and interactive content that encouraged users to comment what they would do with the $40,000 if they won, onboarded diverse content creators to share TikTok style videos on how student loan debt has negatively impacted their quality of life and shared spotlights on entrants to raise awareness of the community impacted. We also developed and managed an influencer marketing campaign to boost awareness of the sweepstakes and increase entries through social media platform referrals. We garnered over 6.2 million impressions and 240,000 engagements.


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