Purpose Branding and Purpose Reputation Management

Purpose branding is the business practice of strategically targeting, positioning, aligning and executing a portfolio, product or service in a way that benefits society. It is more than a name or logo. It affects all aspects of the business and goes well beyond the practice of marketing. Purpose branding has two aspects to it, purpose positioning and purpose reputation management.

Purpose positioning is an analytical framework used to uniquely position, align and execute a purpose-engaged brand. It authentically taps into a consumer’s belief system, using positive cultural values to drive greater economic value. It seeks to align corporate and public interest authentically and comprehensively, in an inspirational way. Purpose positioning typically harnesses social or environmental capital to magnify what the business does best.

Purpose reputation management is the cumulative result of a brand’s positive societal actions over time. It goes beyond the functional and emotional benefits driving purchase alone or the positioning of a brand.

Purpose reputation management may be built with short term brand campaigns or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Typically purpose positioning and  purpose reputation management work together, but some brands pursue the latter alone.

Whether you use purpose as a way to position your brand or as a reputation management tool, purpose cannot be just a marketing strategy without focus or in-market action. “Woke washing”—the inauthentic use of purpose—places both brands and their reputation at extreme risk.

Purpose branding and purpose positioning provide an analytic framework for creating and executing purpose initiatives for a brand. A cohesive framework integrates initiatives like corporate social responsibility (CSR), diversity & inclusion (D&I) and cause marketing into your overall purpose strategy.

Purpose branding and purpose positioning are both art and science. The Purpose Brand agency is a full-service purpose branding and PR agency. Our experienced marketers can help you define your purpose. If you’re trying to figure out purpose, we can optimize the details you know and help you solve for the unknown variables.

  • Purpose Positioning and Branding
  • Cause Marketing
  • Social Impact
  • Corporate Social responsibility
  • Diversity & Inclusion


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