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Packed with Purpose

 Social Media Framework Promotes Gifts with Social Impact

Packed with Purpose curates gift boxes with products from companies with social impact. Areas of impact include safe housing for young mothers, opportunities for youth in disinvested communities, amplification of AAPI, Black, Latino/a, LGBTQIA+, Veteran, Women and family-owned businesses and clean water access.

The Challenge

The gifting company required a social media strategy that promoted both Packed with Purpose and each Impact Partner to both a B2B and B2C audience to increase orders from companies for their employees and clients. They also needed development of engaging, creative social media assets that educated audiences on the importance of societal impact through gift giving.

The Solution

Purpose Brand led Packed with Purpose in developing a strategy that seamlessly promoted Packed with Purpose and spotlighted Impact Partners simultaneously. Each month, we curated content calendars with video and graphic content that supported their marketing goals and promoted specific offerings. Spotlighting Impact Partners proved to be a successful strategy, increasing Instagram Impressions by 302%. Additionally, we transformed the CEO’s LinkedIn profile into a hub for growing and fostering digital relationships to support the business’ goal, increasing LinkedIn Impressions by 219% and engagements by 181%. 

In order to make Packed with Purpose synonymous with giving and gifting, as well as reach all intended audiences, the media relations strategy used a mix of content authored in Packed with Purpose’s voice, seasonal gift guide outreach across trade and consumer-facing outlets, and interviews with the CEO pitched to B2B, financial services, purpose/profit, CSR and HR targeted publications. Purpose Brand secured 26 total placements, including a contributed article that led to two organic mentions for HR decision makers and multiple inclusions for seasonal gift guides in national consumer outlets like Taste of Home, Parade and Retail Me Not, with unique online audiences reaching over one million readers each. 


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