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Video Marketing and Production Accelerate Fashion Sales

Luxury fashion brands aim to inspire desire in fashion savvy consumers, who understand that the right clothing, shoes or accessories can enhance their natural beauty, create a specific sartorial aesthetic and establish carefully curated status.

Their buying decisions are based on touch, feel and a sense of beauty that is confirmed by the image they can see in a mirror. They observe that image from every conceivable angle, and use what they see as an ultimate guide: to buy or not to buy? This is why video production for fashion brands can help accelerate sales.

Imagery — and the possibilities it conveys—is the ultimate influence in the buying journey, especially for the power purchasing it takes to buy those lust-worthy luxury brands. Video alone replicates this experience and lends it authenticity. The statistics are undeniable.

73% of Consumers Are More Likely to Purchase After Watching an Online Video.

Even better, it helps them get what they want.
Consumers are more likely to get what they expected when they make buying decisions based on video.
It increases consumer satisfaction and reduces the cost of returns.

57% Are Less Surprised When Receiving Products After Having Seen A Video And Will Be Less Likely To Return Them.

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