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Customized branding, PR, content and digital training workshops for your executive and employee teams, developed and led by award-winning branding, public relations, content and digital experts.

Whether you’re transforming your business skill set or just continuing the education of a high-performance team, our programs can drive productivity and sales, and enhance and protect your long-term brand equity.

Purpose Training and Workshops

Purpose Positioning Training and Workshop

This workshop trains the team on the analytical framework used to build a brand’s purpose position. It covers examples from others that have successfully done so, lays out brand options and educates the team on critical details behind execution. It is highly interactive and filled with many practice scenarios. This workshop needs to be a part of every marketer and executive team’s training mix.

Purpose Statement Development Workshop

This workshop provides expert guidance on how to develop a Purpose Statement and ends once the final statement has been selected. If your company has made the decision not to engage an expensive agency to develop your purpose statement, this interactive multiday workshop uses our experts to accurately lead you through the purpose statement development process – ensuring team ownership and best in class development — while your team does the necessary work. Proprietary tools also can be incorporated into your program if needed and modules added if corporate mission, values, voice and tone need to be revisited. Purpose is not a marketing exercise. It is an executive leadership imperative.

Purpose Issue and Crisis Management
Training and Workshop

The workshop prepares your team for when to take a stand – even on a political issue – and how to determine and act when you have a purpose-related crisis. If your company has a purpose statement, it needs a specific issue and crisis management plan. The team will learn how to map problems, anticipate an issue versus a crisis and how to manage a purpose related crisis. We customize interactive workshops so teams can quickly and seamlessly act on conflicts, issues and crises in the purpose world where the communication stakes are even higher.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training and Workshops

Future Proofing Marketing and Communications for Diversity and Corporate Purpose Fails

How do different cultural perspectives affect buying decisions and brand positioning? In the age of multiculturalism, this is a workshop that every communications specialist and marketing professional needs to take.

  • Explore how deeply held values vary across gender, generation, ethnic, racial and political lines.
  • Master how to shape communications to maximize buy-in but minimimize backlash.
  • Understand guidelines for any initiative offered to diverse communities, including what groups look for and what you need to communicate.
  • Look at a wide array of failed DE&I marketing initiatives and learn from their mistakes.
  • Learn inclusive communication strategies to deliver difficult messages and unify an audience toward a shared purpose.

A DE&I primer for every marketer, this training spans marketing materials, social media, internal communications and community engagement.

Participants will learn how to engage allies in D&I interest groups, employee relations and boardrooms.

Digital Training and Workshops

Content Writing Training and Workshops

This workshop ensures teams are up to date on writing for engagement, findability and shareability. Content development and writing have changed over the years as the competition for readership has increased and google search algorithms have advanced. There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace according to Forbes. If you are a B2B or B2C company, then this workshop is for you. It helps teams provide quality agency oversight, or improves their work.

LinkedIn Training and Workshops

This workshop helps executives and salespeople at B2B companies maximize their reach and conversion. This workshop teaches how to set up their profile, with SEO phrases, how to find your target, how to appropriately message, how to grow your audience and what linked in tools should be used. Linked in is one of the most valuable social networks for B2B companies. This is a highly interactive workshop that requires pre-work, but teams leave with actionable next steps.

Key Phrase, SEO Training and Workshops

This workshop is for the SEO novice and gives them the fundamentals to immediately start using SEO. Topics covered include strategy, key word research, searcher’s needs, on page SEO and even link building. We will also provide tools that enable you to dig deeper and learn more. Finally, we will give you some exercises that allow you to practically apply it to work assignments.

Public Relations, Media Outreach and Crisis Training Workshops

Public Relations Training and Workshop: The “HOW TOs” For Teams Not Using PR Agencies

This workshop enhances PR skills; and is ideal for internal PR teams that are troubled by poor Public Relations results, or those professionals that do not have an agency. It reviews the changing media landscape: the media’s methods for finding stories, best practices in media outreach, best practices in reaching news targets, the quick “how-tos” on managing bad press and finally agency hacks for gaining more press. This workshop can be customized to incorporate the aforementioned lessons as well as kick start your PR plan.

Executive Media Training and Workshop

This workshop media trains executives or corporate spokespeople on how to conduct a successful press interview. Anyone who speaks to the press should be trained—whether the story is good or challenging. This is essential to positively positioning a brand.

Issue, Crisis and Scenario Mapping Training and Workshop

This workshop is a multiday training session that takes a hard look at your business and its potential media and social pitfalls. It prepares your internal team for upcoming issues, gives them industry specific practice examples and the roadmap to fully develop their crisis plan. It also allows them to extend the training to scenario mapping on “ hot” issues.

Personal Branding, Particularly for Diverse Employees

Personal Branding and Training Workshops

This workshop trains employees on the use of branding in a corporate environment, and how to use it to practically advance careers. Purpose Brand’s CEO, a women that has broken multiple glass ceilings, developed Brandslate, a proprietary methodology designed to help all employees, but particularly diverse employees, find their power and enable them to thrive in corporate environments.

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