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How a Top PR Firm Magnifies ESG Impact With Content Marketing

Published on December 20, 2021

A top public relations firm puts corporate purpose into practice with public relations, branding and content marketing to show the impact of ESG practices.

By confronting the issues and injustices that we all experience in our daily lives, corporate action fulfills deep-seated personal aspirations. That makes purpose a powerful tool in consumer marketing and investor relations.

At Purpose Brand, we’ve made a name for ourselves as experts in strengthening the bonds between companies and communities. We’ve become one of the top firms for amplifying environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices by speaking authentically and developing strategies that take corporate purpose seriously.

Aligning products and services with a corporate purpose is no easy task, but it can be even more difficult to showcase socially responsible actions in an authentic and engaging manner. Purpose Brand specializes in positioning and reputation management, considering every angle and aligning our efforts for maximum impact.

Content Marketing Services for ESG Companies

As Purpopse Brand works to enact social change by putting purpose into practice, we’ve never stopped honing our content marketing service capabilities to better serve clients in an increasingly ESG-focused landscape. We also know that each brand’s purpose story is unique, requiring a deliberate, cohesive approach shaped to the change stakeholders wish to see in the world.

Purpose Brand provides a variety of content marketing services for ESG-focused companies that strive to elevate corporate purpose into an engaging and authentic digital showcase. Some examples:

  • Publications. Blogs for the corporate website, white papers for prospective clients and op-ed essays for targeted audiences give altruistic ambitions and achievements the focus they deserve. Content marketing educates prospective clients on the connections between intentions and actions, using search engine marketing to attract a wider audience. Social, environmental, and governance impact isn’t always visible on the surface. Long-form marketing publications give a purpose-driven rationale the space to breathe.
  • Social media. Anything important enough for 20 pages is worth capturing in 280 characters. Social media marketing can be the most concise and consistent means of communicating values to customers, keeping the company in the conversation while opening the door for future engagement.
  • Video. Visual storytelling makes purpose tangible and explicit. Video marketing for broadcast media or online distribution shows the impact of ESG practices in the community.
  • Case studies. Experience is often the best teacher, so why not show where the brand received its education? Case studies translate accomplishments into best-case scenarios for future clients, giving them a window into future partnerships.
  • Newsletters. Customers, investors and other stakeholders travel with the company on its purpose journey. As ESG standards evolve, inbound marketing shows how a brand responds. Newsletters engage partners and build meaningful relationships around purpose goals.

Branding services for ESG companies

Convincing users that a company can make a positive impact on the world is never an easy task, especially if a user’s first impression of its brand is a logo at the top of a Google results page.

Talk is cheap. Show users the true worth of purpose through brand development strategies that integrate authentic messaging and impactful action in a singular voice.