Types of Video

8 Types of Video That Drive Sales

Video production and marketing drive sales. Targeted video drives even more sales.

Video is unquestionably one of the most powerful marketing tactics you have. Here are the eight types of video you should use to drive customer conversion. Think about using video on your website, in your emails, onsite, outside of your establishment, in social media and even at customer meetings.

See the most commonly used videos to drive sales:

Introduction Video

Introduce your company, team, or mission statement.

Product Video

Create compelling product videos.

Customer Testimonial Video

Establish trust with candid testimonials from former or current clients.

Event Video

Utilize the evocative power of video to better raise funds or engage prospects.

TV Ads

Expand your audience with vivid television advertisements, public service announcements, docudramas, or films.

Social Media Video

Make your company stand out in user feeds with 3-15 second. Facebook videos or Instagram videos.


Draw new audiences to your site with captivating video blog content.

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