In Shouting Over ESG and Diversity, Marketers’ Risk Grows

Published on February 15, 2024

Purpose-driven marketers this year find themselves at a crossroads. As business and nonprofit leaders, we are stewards of our communities. Yet the idea of corporate responsibility itself is increasingly litigated and politically charged. More organizations are coming under fire for their diversity and ESG choices, and critics wield misinformed accusations of “wokeness” and “virtue signaling.” The best way to stay out of trouble once was obvious–to do the right thing. Now, many peers feel bullied into silence.

The backlash is real. It manifests in social media storms, boycott threats and court fights over affirmative action. But loud voices don’t always represent the majority. They don’t define us. Goal-oriented marketers are driven by a deeper understanding. We know that diversity fosters creativity, ESG fuels innovation and authentic values build trust. These aren’t trends, they’re the basics of brands and teams that thrive.

The angry minority is suggesting we water down our message, shy away from bold stances and forever place profits over people and planet. But when we succumb to fear, we lose our power. We abandon the communities we serve and betray the values that fuel our passion. Not everyone shares my opinion, but as a marketer, I have learned that positioning is about differentiation, focus and point of view. Big brands have always stood for something. We diminish our brands when they stand for much less.

The year ahead promises to be important for marketers and communicators. This newsletter explores challenges and opportunities to stand by our values and move forward. I remain hopeful that we will continue to do the right thing and be financially rewarded for it.

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