E-Book on Real Estate Video Marketing: Get Noticed, Raise Interest, Close Sales

Published on March 2, 2018

Across the real estate industry, digital marketing tools have become increasingly important to success.

They are important supplements to the traditional drivers of new business, such as word of mouth referrals, personal reputation and broker engagement. However, real estate professionals have not fully embraced one of the fastest growing digital marketing platforms: video. Online and social media video marketing has exploded onto the real estate scene in just the past few years, driven by tech-savvy consumers who value video.

The proof is in the data. Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t. 85% of property buyers and sellers say they want agents who use video marketing. But that just scratches the surface.

The power of video cannot be understated: Whether it’s a real estate developer trying to build interest in a new multifamily housing development or an interior designer hoping to attract clients, video tells a story that is richer and more memorable than even the best static images and most beautiful descriptive text can convey.

Video marketing for real estate is more than a powerful tool. It has become absolutely essential to successful real estate marketing campaigns. Businesses and professionals from every corner of the real estate industry are utilizing real estate video marketing tools to achieve unprecedented levels of reach and engagement.

No real estate business can ignore the power and necessity of video marketing. That is why we have released a new e-book, Real Estate Video Marketing for Social Media Platforms, a comprehensive guide for professionals in every segment of the real estate industry. Free to download, the book distills our years of experience into an easy-to-use how-to guide that covers everything from video production to social media platform strategy.

Developers, agents, brokers, architects, interior designers, and construction firms are all touched upon. It represents an excellent starting point for real estate professionals looking to up their marketing game and to compete in the digital marketplace.

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