Social Media Update: Twitter Blue, Pride Allies, LinkedIn Training

Published on August 18, 2023

Properly using social media is a critical component of business performance.

We’re committed to keeping you ahead of the latest trends in social media. So Purpose Brand’s social media team is looking forward to bringing you fresh insights.

This social media update features our take on Threads, chatter on bringing chatbots into your workflow, our favorite Pride Month campaigns, a controversial marketing choice by Airbnb and more.

Walmart on Threads.

Threads vs. Twitter: What Brands Need to Know

Threads is the most successful product launch in social media history, yet Walmart, Nike and other early users are still testing the platform. Brands may enjoy early adopter advantages, which will be magnified if Meta’s Twitter alternative really takes off. For now, Threads is a platform to watch.

How does Threads work? Can brands advertise there? Why is Twitter a target? And does Threads have what it takes to topple Twitter (or is it X)? The Purpose Brand blog gives our first impressions and strategies for marketers.

Twitter Blue – Yay or Nay?

Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter has significantly changed the social platform. Many verified users were disgruntled to find all little blue checks vanish – along with their coveted verified status. In its place, Twitter Blue appeared, described by the platform as “our premium subscription service that elevates quality conversations on Twitter.” Marketers have been divided: Is the paid subscription worth the spend? We’ve tested the service out and compiled our pros and cons:

Twitter Blue pro.

Twitter Pro con.

As active users on Twitter, we’re a big fan of the benefits so far. However, it’s still a fairly new offering that is expected to experience further updates and changes. For now, we’re on board, but stay tuned!

Slide rule markings.

A Conversation About Conversational AI

For social media marketers, chatbots can identify the sentiment of posts, comments and messages and identify social media influencers. Still, chatbots are not the most original or heartfelt way to have a conversation, and for us that makes AI a productivity tool rather than a replacement for our own insight and empathy.

If AI is not yet part of your routine, the PB blog suggests ways to use AI to make your work more efficient and distinctive. We cover content creation, research prompts, sentiment analysis, software tools and more.

Got Pride?

Pride Month looked a little different this year. Unfortunately, many brands have scaled back their celebrations due to the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. It’s a shame, but this allowed the true allies to step forward and make more noise with their campaigns. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Harry’s launched a Pride Shave Set in collaboration with poet Saeed Jones. The shaving set includes a limited edition razor, shave gel, a travel blade cover, and a poem, “Repeat after me.” For every pack sold, the brand will donate $5 to the Trevor Project to provide LGBTQ+ youth with continued access to mental health resources.

Harry's on Instagram.

We were pleasantly surprised with Under Armour’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, which goes far beyond a rainbow logo. As a part of their United We Stand campaign, Under Armour launched an entire Pride collection, created in collaboration with UA Unified, a group of LGBTQ+ teammates and allies who advise and advocate at Under Armour. The profits from this collection go to nonprofit organizations and help fund grants to give every athlete the opportunity to compete.

UnderArmour on Instagram.

In addition to this Pride campaign, UA gives back year round with the Equality Has No Offseason initiative. The brand partnered with athletes like Chloe Logarzo, an Australian soccer player and a leading LGBTQ+ voice for Football Australia.

What we love about these campaigns: Both Harry’s and Under Armour are dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community year-round, not just during June. From bringing people together through sports, to making mental health support more accessible for everyone, these campaigns are authentic and purpose-driven.

Alix Earle + Airbnb: Marketing Win or Red Flag?

Alix Earle, the TikTok it girl with 5.3M followers, was on a girls’ trip when things took a turn for the worse.

It was a Tuesday, when Alix and her friends arrived in Italy only to discover their hotel booking turned out to be a scam, leaving the girls stranded with no place to stay. By Wednesday morning, Airbnb swooped in to save the day, giving the girls a free villa to stay in for their trip.

Alix Earle on TikTok.

Many social media managers and professionals had a lot to say about this timely kismet collaboration, including Bri Reynolds, current social media manager at rideshare service Lyft, which estimated the cost of a villa for three nights at $12,000. A small price to pay compared to the $80,000 price tag of doing an official collaboration with Alix.

While most believe this to be genius marketing from the fast and efficient team at Lyft, others think it’s just another privileged influencer getting free stuff.

Purpose Brand on LinkedIn.

It leaves us asking the question: Should brands focus on doing more acts of kindness like this for the average person and individuals from marginalized groups? Would that be more impactful, or is it not that simple?

Leave a comment on LinkedIn and let us know what you think.

Diane Primo points to audience.

Increase Leads and Generate Sales Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networks for B2B companies, but countless executives fail to activate it correctly, hindering the possibility of maximizing reach and conversion. Purpose Brand CEO Diane Primo is proud to offer LinkedIn training workshop for your executive and employee teams, developed and led by award-winning digital experts and social media strategists.

This workshop teaches executives how to:

  • Set up a new profile or optimize an existing one to include best-in-practice methods, such as SEO optimization
  • Find your target audience and appropriately message and connect with them
  • Create posts that convert, engage and educate your audience
  • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a funnel that consistently generates leads and sales
  • Leverage both free and paid LinkedIn tools to improve the success rate
  • Engage employee advocacy to explode digital reach and awareness of your company

This highly interactive workshop requires pre-work, but teams leave with actionable next steps. Are you interested in investing in this workshop for a few key leadership members or your whole team? Send us a message.

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