Media for Every Message: 11 content marketing formats to tell your story

Published on January 27, 2020

News articles are often the perfect forum, but as public relations professionals we look at a wide range of platforms to tell your story in the most advantageous setting.

  1. Thought-provoking editorials advance and sometimes push the boundaries of industry-related discourse. Often these groundbreaking articles make news beyond their own platform.
  2. Compelling case studies that go beyond descriptive writing and ballpark estimates to quantify your business engagement and bottom-line results. Raising your brand profile will motivate readers to emulate your successes or hire you to replicate them.
  3. Detailed white papers help industry insiders understand issues, solve problems or make decisions. They also position you as a thought leader in your field and leverage your standpoint, elevating it to the forefront of your market arena rather than overtly showcasing your products or services.
  4. Captivating infographics represent information, data and knowledge about a specific problem or a bright idea within a specific market space. Infographics are highly shareable and make complex concepts easier to comprehend. We assemble seemingly disparate yet salient pieces of information to create elegant and impactful visual narratives that lead readers to firm and plausible conclusions.
  5. Creative videos capture a concise message, and deliver a company’s vision with flavor and flair directly to its customers and fellow business contacts through targeted and broad distribution. Companies across sectors neglect business video production–an integrated strategy highlights the central theme of your content strategy and makes it accessible to multiple vested audiences.
  6. Podcasts of executive interviews, seminars and presentations have a life in search and social media log after a conference has ended. These programs can be serialized for convenient listening and targeted to reach specific audiences, from current and potential prospects to media and thought leaders.
  7. Live webinars and conferences are becoming the most effective and preferred forms of communication for B2B companies. We create, host and record and market these web-based audio or video seminars for live or future viewing. Producing quality webinar content that is integrated with your content marketing strategy will convey your industry mastery and expertise as well as boost your website traffic.
  8. Website content organizes business ideas in a cohesive, searchable format. Your website informs prospects about your business and gives customers an owner’s manual for getting the most value from your product or service. A web content strategy entails understanding relevant audiences, optimizing website copy, utilizing strategic keywords, heightening authority with case studies and white papers and repurposing topical research to support your business message.
  9. Concise executive biographies should accompany all materials that an executive writes produces, releases or publishes, including articles, presentations, speeches, blogs and editorials. We compile bios and resumes that give top-level executives a clear purpose, standing and voice in the community he or she wishes to lead.
  10. Speeches and presentations bring your message to conferences, meetings, seminars and speaking engagements of every ilk. We research and develop significant, authoritative and memorable speeches and presentations.
  11. Authoritative e-books have radically changed book publishing, distribution and marketing. Authors have greater control, and even best-selling writers release e-books. We can help you create e-books and market them on- and offline. Creating and marketing e-books can yield incredible results in building your brand and positioning you as an expert.
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