Beshanda Owusu

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Media Relations Manager

Beshanda Owusu is an Emmy-nominated journalist with over 15 years of storytelling experience. As a Purpose Brand media relations manager, she displays a keen understanding of media needs to assure an accurate and fair presentation.

A decade working in Midwest TV newsrooms as an assignment editor displayed Beshanda’s agile mind and drive to get things done. Whether summoning the station’s helicopter to fly over a rush-hour traffic accident, rerouting a reporter to breaking news or securing interviews for an investigative exposé, she thrived in a fast-paced environment.

An early love of writing sparked her interest in storytelling.  Beshanda completed an internship at a television station every summer during her undergraduate studies at Northern Illinois University and while earning a master’s degree at Columbia College Chicago. 

Beshanda’s experience in crafting stories and developing relationships in Chicago media contributed to her success in public relations. She has worked with business and nonprofit clients, including the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox sports teams, to seize the moment and advance their goals.

In her leisure time, Beshanda enjoys traveling and trying new cuisine.

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