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Brand and Communications Executive

Brand and Communications Executive Britney Bouie knows a thing or two about building new brands, teams and processes to drive challenging, transformational change.

Britney has more than a decade of experience in unique industries working for major governmental organizations, corporations and brands, including Girl Scouts of America, the Illinois Commerce Commission, Pfizer,Publicis Groupe and Red Bull.

A talented and innovative marketing and communications executive, Britney has deep experience navigating multichannel, end-to-end initiatives for major public, private and nonprofit companies and large governmental agencies. She has established a proven track record of developing and implementing strategies to enable sustainable, inclusive and substantial growth. She is a perceptive and effective partner to her clients, and adept at creating, executing and evaluating targeted programs to solve issues and fine-tuning them if needed in real time to avoid downtime, forfeitures or losses.

Britney’s determined and energetic quest for results has shaped her purpose-driven, collaborative and hands-on style. She brings finely honed leadership skills, broad proficiencies in all aspects of digital communications, excellent creative problem-solving abilities and an insatiable drive for immediate results to every role she assumes. A talented communicator in all media, she understands that different brands, cultures and communities have unique, compelling and nuanced stories that must be shared and does so imaginatively, eloquently and persuasively.

Due to her impressive track record and determination to spur continuous improvement, Britney handles initiatives that represent critical junctures and create sea changes for Purpose Brand’s clients. Her razor-sharp skills can deftly craft and execute strategic communication plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of any organization, and she excels at complex projects that involve integrated. cross-channel, end-to-end campaigns. Above all else, Britney knows how to ensure messaging reaches, impacts and activates her client’s targeted audiences.

Despite a full workload over the years, Britney has continuously taken on projects to broaden her experience, build her skills and do advocacy work for underserved communities. One of the most significant and rewarding projects she developed and executed was a comprehensive, end-to-end marketing and public relations campaign for 548 Capital, a division of 548 Enterprise, as it developed, launched and filled a mixed-use commercial real estate project with retail spaces and new affordable housing units along Chicago’s Auburn Gresham’s vibrant 79th Street corridor. Due to her experience and established media and civic relationships the development had a successful groundbreaking, received critical press and quickly leased up.

With detail-oriented project management and visionary focus, Britney steers every project and effort she undertakes forward. As the oldest of three children, she is used to making executive decisions, maintaining a brisk pace in all her endeavors and keeping her composure and general sense of cheer. She is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with an master’s in global strategic communication and a bachelor’s degree in political science from DePaul University.

Britney Bouie profile.

Passionate about

  • Books turned into great movies, such as the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy
  • Historical tours while traveling (even better when it’s a food and walking tour)
  • Hanging with her pandemic pup and going for walks around the city
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