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Creative Director, Film

If the visuals are compelling, creative director Ethan Talley says, stories tell themselves.

Through his video production services, Ethan interprets a client’s brand story through lighting, music and cinematography. The action is natural and authentic, and gains the viewer’s trust.

Growing up in small-town Illinois, Ethan displayed his creative skills from an exceptionally young age. He started producing visual media in grade school, and immediately after college founded his own production company. Ethan started by producing low-budget music videos and quickly expanded his range and his client list.

When Diane Primo discovered Ethan’s video production talents, she immediately hired him as creative director. The small-town kid now works with Fortune 500 companies to tell their brand stories in unique and compelling ways, with slightly larger budgets. Meanwhile, Ethan continues to pursue his documentary work, which has been screened at the Chicago International Film Festival.

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Passionate about

  • Music
  • Golf
  • Going all in
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