Diane Primo on Social Impact, Brand Marketing and The Purpose Report

Published on March 4, 2020

Our CEO, Diane Primo, was interviewed by financial media entrepreneur Kristi Ross, Co-CEO of Tastytrade, following our rebranding as Purpose Brand. Here’s some of what we learned on Kristi’s program “Bootstrapping in America.”


In the next decade, corporate social responsibility will focus on social impact, putting models in place to align corporate interest with public interest.  The impact on marketing will be to make the case that “what you stand for is actually what you’re going to do.”

The talk quickly turned to making a social impact. Primo Center for Women and Children attacks homelessness by addressing the social determinants of health, and how minority women in SOAR advocate for themselves by working for diversity in the news and in newsrooms.

From there the conversation pivoted to brand marketing and The Purpose Report, which presents a business change model for corporate social responsibility. Purpose Brand surveyed consumers to reveal how an organization is perceived as truly purpose-driven, and shows the business impact of purpose positioning—Diane’s approach to brand marketing aligned with stakeholder values.

Purpose Brand’s approach to public relations uses the brand marking approach to build relevancy, engagement and emotional connections, and to strengthen communities. Finally, the author turns to two favorite nonfiction works and what they say about genius, diversity and a changing world.

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