Matthew Zaute

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VP of Data and Digital

As Purpose Brand’s vice president of data and digital, Matthew Zaute’s real title should be “data whiz kid”. He loves data and everything digital.

Matthew’s acumen with data analytics and marketing technology has enhanced the traditional and digital marketing at Fortune 500 companies for nearly two decades. His grasp of customer behavior and the competitive landscape produces a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that delivers on performance objectives.

Across the B2C sector, Matthew has worked with brands including Conagra, Clorox, Ulta Beauty and Univision to deliver an engaging and frictionless product discovery and shopping experience. He employs statistical modeling techniques across large audiences and datasets to discover actionable insights that enhance marketing campaigns and digital assets. Matthew emphasizes an empirical approach to testing and optimization of all customer interactions, from awareness to conversion. He reveals a full picture of the brand’s audience, using metrics to determine marketing success reliably and quickly.

Matthew also has extensive experience in the B2B sector, with diverse clients such as Chubb, Cisco Systems and Salesforce. Through partner engagement and channel management, Matthew’s digital activations produce leads, retention and loyalty.

Matthew is a firm believer in Peter Drucker’s axiom that what gets measured gets managed. But his background and experience give him the good judgment that’s equally essential to achieving measurable results.

Passionate about

  • Promoting and expanding our public libraries
  • Endurance sports where desire trumps reason
  • Any activity my son undertakes
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