Video Production for Restaurants

Engage And Stimulate Your Customer's Appetite

Restaurant Videos Make People Hungry

Scientists have proven that the sight of food stimulates the appetite.1 This means visuals are the most valuable marketing tool that you, as a restaurant owner, can use. The more realistic your visual is, the more it will impact the consumer.

Video has the ability to simultaneously stimulate multiple senses; the sizzle of fajitas or flames roaring around a steak as it grills; steam rising off a fresh-cooked lobster or sauce drizzling over an ice-cream sundae. And by investing in video production for restaurants, you can engage viewers both online and onsite.

Visuals Are Processed 60,000 Times Faster In The Brain Than Text
- 3M Corporation And Zabisco

Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80 percent:2 the deciding factor in whether consumers will call or click to place an order.

Better visuals mean better business, and with visuals being processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text,3 they are the most effective way to drive up traffic.

Restaurateurs have recently begun playing video inside and outside their businesses, using these powerful visual tools to draw passing customers to their doors. So do not underestimate the power of video production for restaurants.

How and where are you using video? Do you have video online? On YouTube? Are you playing videos in your store? Outside? And are you using these videos strategically? We can help.

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