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Director of Public Involvement

As Purpose Brand’s director of public involvement, Deb Dorsey is a well-versed community engagement strategist.

Deb’s unique perspective integrates marketing communications expertise with 10 years’ civic engagement experience in environmental social and governance (ESG) practices. As housing and program manager for Rockford, Illinois, she administered the city’s federal and state community development and housing grants, with a focus on neighborhood stabilization and revitalization. Deb conducted public hearings, city council presentations, media relations and social media communications, as well as frequent direct engagement with a diverse array of neighborhood groups, faith leaders and community partners.

While at the City of Rockford, Deb completed and approved environmental reviews and environmental assessments for city and Rockford Housing Authority projects. Her knowledge of ESG frameworks and practices serves her well as Purpose Brand’s director of public involvement, in community engagement for a proposed expansion at O’Hare Airport and in the development of its environmental assessment.  Working inclusively with planning and development stakeholders, Deb managed the creation of Rockford’s consolidated plan and a neighborhood revitalization strategy area as well as its housing programs.

Deb’s community engagement and marketing expertise combine to help her engage with diverse audiences at scale. She has worked as account services director at a local ad agency and served in marketing manager roles in the financial services and manufacturing industries, managing million-dollar direct marketing campaigns. Her background includes investor relations, marketing communications and strategy, client relationship management and digital media. Deb earned bachelor’s and MBA degrees in marketing from Northern Illinois University.

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  • Education and continuous learning
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
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