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Media Relations Coordinator

A lifelong political junkie, Kyle Foehner joined Purpose Brand as media relations coordinator with a background in politics and public affairs. Integrity and passion are central to Kyle’s belief system, and he’s never afraid to speak the truth, making him a perfect fit for Purpose Brand.

Kyle recognizes that finding the “secret sauce” in every story is essential to developing a successful media strategy. His ability to dive deeper and find meaning in his pitches to news media has led him to secure placements in some of Chicago’s biggest media players, including the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, ABC7 and NBC5.

Since his first internship working in the press office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Kyle has been building relationships with reporters, creating media strategies for a wide range of clients and keeping a keen eye on the rapidly changing communications landscape.

Throughout his career, Kyle has not shied away from risks. In 2019, Kyle decided to take a break from the harsh winters and join a new cast of characters at the Happiest Place on Earth: Walt Disney World. While working for the Mouse, he discovered that, with a little pixie dust, anyone is capable of success in life.

Kyle is a lifelong Chicago White Sox fan, so he understands the value of patience. Outside of work and baseball, he loves traveling the world and tending his vegetable garden.

Passionate about

  • The perennially underappreciated Chicago White Sox
  • Traveling
  • Trying new restaurants (Suggestions? Send me a note)
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